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Account RON: RO 05 BTRL 0070 1205 W828 70 XX

Account Euro: RO 28 BTRL EUR CRT 00 W828 7001

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Vlad Placinte, President of the "Save a Heart" Association, received the honorary diploma from P.F. Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Vlad Pietă, coordinator of the Association "Save a Heart" received from the Most Blessed Patriarch of Romania the Diploma of Homage:2020-The

Vlad Pietă, coordinator of the "Save a Heart" Association, awarded the "Cross of The Holy Hierarch Dosoftei"

Vlad Pietă, coordinator of the Association "Save a Heart" received from THE EPS Teofan, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bukovina, the distinction

Activity Report August 2020

July Activity Report

June Activity Report

Activity Report May 2020

Activity Report April 2020

Activity Report March 2020

Botoşani has an analysis device for covid19

The test machine for the new type of coronavirus has arrived in Botoşani. It is to be installed at Maternity, and some of the staff is already in Iasi

7 injectomates were donated to Mavromati Botoşani County Hospital

Stop COFID19
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Activity Report February 2020

Medical equipment for Botosani Children's Hospital

Botosani Children's Hospital ATI section will benefit from a state-of-the-art infusion. 😀
The medical device is worth 7500 RON and the amount

Activity Report -January 2020

Financial data

655,640 lei and 41707 euros – raised from donations via SMS, from corporate sponsorships and on the platform,

Vlad Pie-young man who saved hundreds of lives through the association "Save a Heart"

Vlad Pietă is a young man who is involved in supporting medical cases through the association "Save a Heart".

The botanist who saves children with cancer. Vlad Pie: "It motivates me the joy of children and parents when everything goes according to plan"

Vlad remembers with nostalgia his childhood and the evenings he went out with friends to football: life was simple back then. The father taught

The desperate message of an 8-year-old girl with her father diagnosed with leukaemia: 'I beg you, help me save my daddy!'

The cry for help from a little girl from the Republic of Moldova went viral on Facebook. The child hopes to raise the money needed to treat her father,

Nearly 8 million euros for sick children donated through the association "Save a Heart"

Beyond poverty and hardship, Botoşaniul is first and foremost, the county of people with a big heart. And the best example is a simple village native

Country carpenter who raised 5 million euros in donations for sick children through 'Save a heart'

A young man from Botoşani County managed to set up one of the most effective platforms to help sick children. Despite living in a village, he has persuaded