Denis Avadanii

Denis Avadanii

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Denis Avadanii

Active campaign 19 days

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29 Sep

Good evening. For a year now, suffering and pain have bitten my heart and hot tears have become anchors that sink me.... Because being a mother is an endless story. A desperate mother who asks for your help from the bottom of her heart... Because between the impossible and the possible is hope. And the hope of my son Denis Stefan are you people with a big soul who have always offered us your help. I ask you to do it this time too, because after the last operation performed in Turkey at the Avicenna clinic the tenth in number follows in October a series of investigations and a long recovery period. Unfortunately, the recovery scheme is very expensive but extremely necessary and I am exhausted from all points of view :p sychic, morally but especially financially. Without your help, I do not have the opportunity to give my child the chance to a normal life where he can walk again... Thank!

14 Jul

This morning I woke up thinking of you and looking at Denis I felt I had to write to you. why??? Because when I broke and howled my despair as a mother, it was you... People with a big heart who have given me hope, confidence and faith that it will be all right. Unfortunately I had a difficult post-operative period with great pain for Denis because one of the operations done on his right leg requires a certain degree of aggression. But now we are better and we hope that the doctor will have good news for us and Denis can walk again with both feet...

We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts... all those who donated and stood by Denis even though we do not know each other. Again it confirms that the good is done is not said!!

06 Jul

Denis made it to Turkey. Today he will enter the operating room to pray for his health and to convey his good thought.

The costs of the surgery were insured by the Association "Save a heart" and amount to 9000 euros.


01 Jul

After several months of searching and sleepless nights, young Denis will go to Turkey to the Avicene clinic.

The 9000-euro operation was paid for by the Save a Heart Association.

Thank you from the heart!

Campaign started on: 13.03.2021


First name:Denis

Age: 20 years

Amount required: 15.260 euro

Diagnosis:: Polytraumatism

Treatment will be carried out rudolfINERHAUS- Austria

The story of Denis Avadanii

In 2020, life was stuck... In a pandemic context for a whole world and between hospital walls, diagnoses, operations and helplessness for a young man of only 20 years.

Denis Avadanii left healthy for his first job in Piatra Neamț, proud that he could earn his own penny, but never returned to his feet... In a terrible accident, he fell from 14 meters high, from the roof of a hall. Doctors who rushed him by helicopter to a clinic in Cluj say it's a miracle the young man survived.

After 10 days in Intensive Care, six operations and many recovery sessions, Denis risks losing a leg and never being able to walk again. In the country, doctors recommend amputation of the right lower limb, heavily affected by the impact with the ground.

As a mother I completely exclude the idea of amputation of my child's leg! He is a wonder, the fact that he survived the terrible accident shows that he is a survivor and has a destiny on earth. Everything that's up to us, as parents, we're going to do! We'll go all the way to the whitecanvases, says his mother with tears in her eyes.

Denis' parentsturned to a clinic in Austria, where two interventions - a p.s.length of the achilles tendon and a correction of the cavus - could save the boy from amputation. There is hope, but it costs more than this family can afford to pay.

Operations that can save Denis' leg cost €15,260 without transportation abroad.

I didn'tthink I'd end up in the position of asking for financial help, but I think any parent who gets to the point of despair for their child would do the same as us. Denis is a hardworking and strong boy. He deserves the best in the world, he deserves a family, life, health... Helpus save our boy! He's drying his feet out of so much suffering, and all we want for him is to get a chance at a normal life,his mother wrote.  

Although we don't say it out loud,dim in the subconscious: "This cannot happen to me!" In reality, any one of us can be the victim of any kind of accident, of unfortunate chance, of an unexpected turn of life, a thrift that shakes us to the ground and makes our life hard to bear. And if we were in such an impossible situation, we would wish with all our being to be helped. That is why we take the first step for this young man, whose future is compromised in the absence of our solidarity. Let's help him have the chance of a normal life, on his own feet - to be able to walk, to be able to form a future, a family, a full life!

Any donation made in the accounts of the Save a Heart Association may be the beginning of the road to the recovery of everything Denis has lost as a result of the terrible accident. Together, we can turn an unfortunate event into a mere sad memory.


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