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Maria Băcanu

Active campaign 19 days

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16 Oct

We are together again and very happy. All the more joyful, because we have good news about the state of our Greatness. He is recovering well and has not had any major problems following the transplant, just some imbalances that have been kept under control and that seem to be back to normal. This week we had investigations and it was with great emotions, but the results showed that following the high dose chemotherapy the tumor has decreased a little and is still localized, which means that we can continue according to plan, with the operation, on October 27, if nothing unforeseen occurs. We are grateful and thank you for your good thoughts. 🙏❤

30 Sep

Maria Bucuria has a smile on her lips again, and we are very happy to see her cheerful. The aplasia is over, she began to eat, to stand up a little bit and even asks daily when we leave "this ulât camel" because she already has no patience, dear to her. Today the administration of the antibiotic has stopped and if it does not have a fever, tomorrow afternoon we will leave the hospital. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers during this time, it really was the hardest time so far, both for her and for us, and I felt all the more that your support means. We are deeply grateful for this incredible community that has been created here. 🥰

We now have a month in which we go to consultations 3 times a week to keep the liver and heart under surveillance after the huge amount of cytostatics received at high dose chemotherapy. We will take advantage of this "holiday", because the operation is coming, another difficult step in this path to healing. Until then, outside, in nature, after a month of staying inside. 🌲🌳

God help! 🙏

29 Sep

So far, the amount of:54119 euros has been collected representing 21676 euros online and 32443 euros donations from sponsorships.


21 Sep

Our mariuca is in the midst of applause. The analyzes dropped sharply, from one day to the next and last night he started to get a fever so they collected blood to see if it was an infection (resulting in 2-3 days) and they started antibiotic but also paracetamol for fever and pain. He sleeps almost non-stop, more in his arms than in bed, he has not eaten anything for 36h (he has weakened almost 1kg) and vomits due to mucus in his throat, stomach and intestines) and at night he will try artificial feeding again (today-npte shed everything) very slowly so as not to cause nausea. We were assured that all this was normal and that most likely there would be more pain in the coming days but it would give him morphine for that. The biggest risk now is that of infections, its body is defenseless but it is in the sterile room and everything is done with great care. Over the weekend we expect them to start increasing the tests and slowly recovering and slowly recovering and at the end of next week to discharge us. We'll keep you posted. God help! 🙏

14 Sep

We are in the sterile room for 1 week and a day. I did 6 days of high dose chemotherapy, which Măriuca endured heroically, as usual (she did not have nausea, only decreased appetite, constipation and states of agitation). Today we also had the stem cell transplant, which went well, without any problems. In 2-3 days the aplasia begins, which lasts about 1 week and for which he will be introduced to a feeding probe tomorrow, because most likely he will not eat at all. We keep you up to date with her condition during this period. God help! 🙏

06 Sep

We are preparing for high dose chemotherapy and transplantation. Maria's stem cells were collected on Tuesday and Wednesday (this involved a femoral catheter inserted with general anesthesia and 2 days only in bed, with 2 sessions of 4h each of the actual extraction) and it was quite difficult for her. That's why, when I got out of the hospital, I balanced these 2 days with a trip to the ocean and she was still happy. There follows a hospitalization of about 1 month in the sterile room, starting tomorrow, which will look like this: 6 days of chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation on the 7th day and injections of growth factor, aplasia for 2 weeks and when the body recovers we leave the hospital and keep under surveillance with consultations of 2x per week the next month. This procedure is not one without risks, but we trust that our Mariuca is strong and with God's help, we will pass this stage. God help! 🙏

23 Aug

Dear ones, I had a period full of stress and emotions, with investigations over investigations, another shift of chemotherapy and injections almost daily. However, Maria Bucuria keeps her characteristic cheerfulness and amazes us more and more. 😍

Following these investigations, it was decided that the operation should be postponed until after high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation because the tumor covers both arteries of the kidneys and because it is possible to remove the left kidney, and for cleaning the body after high dose chemotherapy it is important that the kidneys function properly. So there's a general anesthesia surgery to introduce a catheter to collect the stem cells. After collecting the necessary amount of stem cells, we start high dose chemotherapy (theoretically on September 6th), which involves hospitalization in the sterile room for about 1 month. We keep you up to date with the state of Măriuca during this time. Thank you for your support, prayers and good thoughts! 🥰🤗

06 Aug

With great joy, we announce that we have arrived in France. Today we are admitted to Gustave Roussy and tomorrow we begin the last course of chemotherapy of our Mother. It was a stressful and busy week but at the same time we enjoyed a few days at home in Arad. Everything seems to be fine from an administrative point of view, it remains to be seen. Maria Joy feels good, energetic and cheerful as usual. We are aware that the hard work is just beginning but at the same time grateful that we are here, where our little girl receives the best care for her condition. A lot of investigations are coming up and we're keeping you up to date with what we're learning. Thank you for joining us. Oh, God help me!🙏

31 Jul

Our Maria is now on lap 7 of chemotherapy here in Cluj, and we hope that it will pass as well as the previous ones. Oh, God help me!

The very important news is that we were able to establish the first consultation, on 4 August, at the hospital in Paris.

There we are expected to finish chemotherapy and to do a set of investigations. Depending on their outcome we will continue with surgery, stem cell transplantation, radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

We will keep you informed of the evolution of things.

God help!

21 Jul

Today we got out of the hospital after the number 6 cure and we enjoyed goodbye again. Maria's tests look great and today's ultrasound showed that the tumor dropped another 2 cm. We are happy and thank God. Your prayers and good thoughts help us a lot. 🥰🤗

21 Jul

On Saturday, July 24, we gather at Climb House and climb for a good deed.

Funds raised from the entry fee will be donated for the treatment Maria so badly needs.

At just 2 years and 10 months, Maria fights cancer. Her diagnosis is stage IV neuroblastoma, with abdominal and neck metastases. The treatment plan for this disease is a long-lasting, aggressive and expensive one, consisting of chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplantation, radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

His best chances are at the Gustave Roussy clinic in France, which specializes in treating neuroblastoma, but whose costs are about 500,000 euros. He managed to raise 197,000 euros, with you next door he can raise the full amount!

Together we can help her get to this clinic, together we can help her emerge victorious from this fight!

Come to Climb House and climb with us, and we will donate 30 lei for Maria every hour paid. The money raised will be delivered to her family.

If you can't make it, donate as much as you can. Each donation brings her closer to her goal.

09 Jul

After this chemotherapy cure, our Mariuca was less energetic. She slept for four hours a half at lunch and I was really worried, so I woke her up and she woke up really hard. But after he got sober, he ate well and got a smile on his face. All the Maria The Joy we know and love remains, even in these conditions. Our fighter! 😍

07 Jul

Even though she is at the cure, Mariuca finds activities, is energetic and cheerful.

Today we started the chemotherapy course with the number 5 of 8 and we hope it will work as well as before. Oh, God help me!🙏

Thank you for your support! 🥰

Campaign started on: 06.07.2021


First name: Băcanu

Age: 2 years and 10 months

Amount required:500,000 euro


Gustave Rousy-France treatment will be performed

Together for Maria


This is our Mariuca. Maria Joy.

The little girl with the golden hair, eager to make herself "helpful little girl".

Aged just 2 years and 10 months, fights cancer. Her diagnosis is stage IV neuroblastoma, with abdominal and neck metastases, detected in May this year, since Maria is also admitted to the Oncological Institute of Cluj-Napoca.

The last two months have been like from another life, one that's not ours, it doesn't belong to us anymore, everything's changed at once. Our eldest daughter, Sofia, 5 years old, stayed at her grandparents and every day does not understand what is going on, why it takes so long to return home with her parents and little sister.

The treatment plan for this disease is a long-lasting, aggressive and expensive one consisting of chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell transplantation, radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

His best chances are at the Gustave Roussy clinic in France, which specializes in treating neuroblastoma but whose costs are about 500,000 euros. We're accepted to the clinic, but we still can't go, for financial reasons. We are looking for financing solutions but the process is cumbersome and uncertain, and time is not on our side. I started chemotherapy at the Oncological Institute in Cluj-Napoca because her situation could not bear procrastination, not even a day.

Maria responds well to treatment, her condition is generally good, and the tumor begins to shrink. Our goal is to get to Gustave Roussy in time for stem cell transplantation, surgery and the rest of treatment, i.e. in about a month.

Help us, donate as much as you can, be a part, as small, of this big fight.

Maria and the whole family thank you. Oh, God help me!


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