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Daria Bratu

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Campaign started on 31.05.2022

Name: Bratu

First name:  Daria

Age: 11 years

Required amount: 20.000 euro 

Diagnosis: congenital thoracic kyphosis.

The treatment will be performed at: Monza Hospital in Bucharest

Daria's story

A mother's heart must be a real fortress. Sometimes the blows of life are so strong that he barely manages to cope and hope that everything will be fine. Iliana Bratu heard, not infrequently, words that are hard to imagine for a parent: "She has water in her brain", "Some children live, others die!", "It's good to baptize her, because she will not live ... "

Daria, the 33-year-old woman's daughter, was born with a multitude of health problems. In addition to the hydrocephalus originally announced since the womb, the child also has the most serious form of Spina Bifida, flaccid paraplegia, bilateral hip dislocation, hypermetropic astigmatism and congenital thoracic kyphosis.

You would say that because of so many problems, the 11-year-old girl has a compromised existence and will not do much in life, but you would be bitterly mistaken! Daria goes to school, is in the fourth grade and has good results in teaching, even if she endures countless limitations imposed by her poor health, and the hospital has become her second home.

At 2 and a half years old I found out that the left kidney works at only 19% of capacity, a sondez myself 4 times a day. At the age of 3 and a half he had strabismus surgery plus another 3 foot surgeries. At 5 years old, because it grew, the drainage had to be changed. In November last year, I found out that she needs to be operated on by kyphosis because she will end up not breathing anymore, says Iliana Bratu, Daria's mother.

Despite all the difficulties, the girl hopes that she will find the necessary support to be able to move forward.

I need two surgeries to be able to breathe well. I kindly ask you to help me!", says Daria from a wheelchair, with her breath intertwined every few words.

The operations she talks about cost around 20,000 euros, money that her parents do not have and have no way to get hold of them. The mother is in charge of caring for Daria, the girl's father had an accident and was in a coma for 3 weeks, and now he is retired due to illness, and the grandparents have been dead for many years. The family income barely exceeds 3,500 lei, so to raise 20,000 euros is simply a dream.

I am a desperate mother, I did not know until now that her lungs are so damaged and I am afraid that something will happen! We kindly ask you to help us raise the amount necessary for the operations so that Daria can breathe as well as possible and not reach the worst, iliana Bratu wrote to us.

Any donation made to the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association helps Daria to breathe further, to survive the diseases and to continue to learn, to have a future as well. This little girl only wants to live, and the money we can offer her is an investment in her life. Donate for Daria too!

For donations:

Entity name: Association "SAVE A HEART"

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