Ioana Dobrea

Ioana Dobrea

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Ioana Dobrea

Active campaign 19 days

Campaign started on: 18.08.2021
Name : Ioana Dobrea
Age: 5 years
Amount: 36360 euros (treatment for one year)
Diagnosis : neuroblastoma
Clinic : Romania


The story of little Ioana

"Mommy, are you going to be sad whenI'm not going to be with you anymore?"

Imagine that you receive this question from your child of only 5 years, an age at which he should enjoy his childhood, the new things he discovers, the kindergarten, the friends, the small senseless worries, the innocence of life.

At the age when a child begins to have dreams and hopes, Ioana Dobrea was shattered by a word about which she does not even understand what it means - neuroblastoma.

The cancer diagnosis came unexpectedly in 2019, when Joan arrived at the hospital in serious condition. The first operation, 11 hours, was performed in January 2020, but the tumor could not be removed and immediately after the operation went into a coma for 3 weeks. Since then, she has been battling the disease and the terrible pain caused by the tumor and chemotherapy sessions on a daily basis.

In order to have a real chance at life, little Ioana needs a treatment plan that costs around 3,030 euros monthly. The family has done the impossible and has been able to provide him with much of the treatment so far, but the amount is far too high for what the two parents can afford. Alina Dobrea is a housewife, and Laurentiu, her husband, kicked him out of work because he was often absent to take care of the little girl. All of them now live on their children's allowances and disability benefits.

We at the "Save a Heart" Association could not be indifferent to the extremely difficult situation in which this family finds itself and we ask for the help of each of you. Donate, no matter how much, a small financial sacrifice can mean a lot to a child's life, as has happened in countless cases.

Joan needs the help of all of us. Any amount transferred to the account of the Association "Save a heart" can save this innocent girl from the torment she goes through daily because of cancer. Together we succeed!


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