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Ionuț Lupuleț

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Ionuț Lupuleț

Active campaign 19 days

Campaign updates

10 Jun

Ionuț did the necessary medical investigations, tests and cranial MRI. The results are pretty good, no relapse, we're going to go to the check-up in four months. Thank you to everyone who helped us!

05 Jun

Tomorrow with God's help, we're going to Turkey for control. Please carry us in prayers Lord help 🙏🙏🙏

18 May

Ionuț must reach the medical investigations potoperators and post treatment with radiotherapy. But unfortunately the family does not have the necessary amount to pay for transportation, accommodation and medical investigations.

10 Feb

Hello folks Ionut has finished the radiotherapy sessions We are waiting for the ambulance to come from Romania to leave We must start a treatment of chemotherapy pills and return to the control after 3 months Thank you to all those who involved ionut to reach Turkey Mrs. Narcis Nergis to Mr. Marian Godina and especially the foundation Save a heart coordinated by Mr. Vlad Pieand and all who have been with us Thank you from the heart 🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗

02 Feb

We still have nine radiotherapy sessions. We wish with all our hearts that Ionuț would return home in good health.

18 Jan

Today Dr. Elnur Sahibov has decided that Ionut to do a brain CT scan to see how the radiotherapy sessions are going Please continue to be with us morally and financially Lord help!

04 Jan

Starting today, Ionuț Lupulets will begin radiotherapy sessions.

Let us stand with him with a good thought and a prayer to overcome this obstacle.

19 Dec

After surgery and pathological analysis, today came the result. Ionuț must follow 30 sessions of radiotherapy then take oral medications. All we have left is to support him both financially and with a good thought or prayer.


27 Nov

After the surgery unfortunately,Ionut was left with a semiparesis and will intervene again because the tumor is very large and is located between the small brain and the large brain.

Please carry it in your prayers!

26 Nov

He's out of surgery at the moment, he's in intensive care. The doctor will inform us how the operation went.

Thank you so much!

26 Nov

At 8.30am Ionut entered the operating room with tears in his eyes. We pray to the good Lord to give him strength and to end the surgery well and not to be in trouble. Oh, God help me!

18 Nov

Tonight, Ionuț Lupulet will arrive in Istanbul.

Tomorrow he is expected by the team of specialists at the Emsey Hospital clinic for investigations and the date of surgery will be determined.

Thank you for all your support!

14 Nov

I never stopped believing in miracles. In just 24 hours with the support of Mr Marian Godina we managed to raise the necessary amount of €20,000 for the young Ionut Lupulet.

God works through people! We remain to pray that the operation is a success and after the surgery the treatment for Ionut will be established.

Thank you for your trust!

Thank God for everything!

Campaign started on: 12.11.2020

Name: Lupulets

First name: Ionuț

Age: 24

Amount required: 20000 euro

Diagnosis: Brain tumor

Clinic where he will perform treatment: Emsey Hospital Clinic

Ionuț's earth-shattering story

When you're young, you imagine adult life hoping for the best, best and most fulfilling. You see yourself working out what you love, marrying the person you love, having your parents proud and happy for you, you dream of playing with your children you love, and then you think about how you'll grow old with the man you shared your life with, with good and bad...
But one day the dream can crumble, as happened in the case of Ionuț Lupulets. The 24-year-old was diagnosed with an advanced brain tumour. Cancer is now also threatening his life, after he ended his father's two years ago.

Ionuț remained only with his mother, his only support in this sad life story. Despite all the blows and perhaps the injustices of life, the young man wants to fight, to overcome this trouble.

I want to live, so I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help me live!!! I only have my mother next to me, because my father died two years ago of lung cancer.

In 2017, Ionuț had brain surgery at Bagdasar Arseni Hospital. Radiotherapy sessions were then followed. He only lasted seven out of 35, and doctors in the country told him he had only a few months to live.

In the face of such a prognosis, it was expected to close in on it. Now he is deeply suffering and, with the last of his powers, he has asked us not to let him die, not to take his last chance at life - an operation he can do in Turkey, but which has an enormous price in relation to his family income.

And he and his mother live on less than $1,300 a month, and the surgery costs $20,000! It is understandable that the life of Ionuț Lupulets now hangs from the thin thread of our solidarity, of giving for a life, for a young man, for a story that can continue with hope and victory, with the life lesson that altruistic people can change destinies, that no price is too great to save a soul.

I thank the good Lord and ask Him to help me get to Turkey for the operation through you.

Thank you all!

Anyone who wants to give this young man a chance at life can do so through a donation in the accounts of the Save a Heart Association, either by bank card or by PayPal or sponsorship contract. Cancer must never be a death sentence!


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