Nearly 8 million euros for sick children donated through the asso
You can donate directly by bank transfer to the following accounts:

Account RON: RO 05 BTRL 0070 1205 W828 70 XX

Account Euro: RO 28 BTRL EUR CRT 00 W828 7001

Account USD: RO 68 BTRL USD CRT 00 W828 7001

Account CHF: RO 12 BTRL CHF CRT 00 W828 7001


Nearly 8 million euros for sick children donated through the association "Save a Heart"

Beyond poverty and hardship, Botoşaniul is first and foremost, the county of people with a big heart. And the best example is a simple village native of the village of Boscoteni, the commune of Frumusica. It is called Vlad Pieand and managed in only 5 years to raise almost 8 million euros for children in distress.

Moreover, Vlad and his unique platform for online donations are a phenomenon in Romania, responsible for saving hundreds of little ones brought down by serious diseases. In the last five years, surely almost everyone has heard of Vlad Pie, the country botanist who saves people through his association called suggestively "Save a Heart". With the help of an online platform created by a specialist from Google, also a botanist, Vlad and "Save a Heart" have become a real national phenomenon and international places.

He himself presented the desperate cases of sick children who usually needed large sums of money to survive or to escape suffering. Although originally from a hamlet on the outskirts of the county, Vlad managed to persuade tens of thousands of people to donate to these causes. He even managed to attract important partners. In five years, Vlad Pietă managed to raise almost 8 million euros for sick children.

Each case was thoroughly checked before it was presented, with clear medical documents and donations are effectively in plain sight. Every donor sees what happens to his money. This is how he came to help children from all over the country but also from the Republic of Moldova. At the moment Vlad Placinta collaborates for these cases with clinics all over Romania but also all over Europe. He often manages to raise the money in record time.

Vlad is also preparing to modernize the donation platform. It is adapted for online donations, by text message, by card. The platform is now also to be adapted for mobile telephony. Moreover, Vlad Pietă through the association "Save a heart" managed to help equip the pediatric section of the "Mavromati" County Hospital. For Vlad the secret of these amazing performances lies in faith in God, love of people, ambition and perseverance.

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