Diana Popescu

Diana Popescu

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Diana Popescu

Active campaign 19 days

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23 Sep

Good evening, wonderful people! I'm at the second immunotherapy cure. Unfortunately I am dependent on oxygen, but my evolution is getting better! Thank you for your support and I hope to come up with even better news! God help!

02 Sep

Hello, wonderful people! Due to complications, last week I had to return with an ambulance to Turkey to receive emergency care. From today I will start a new treatment, immunotherapy! An expensive and long-term treatment. I rely on your continued support! Thank you! Be blessed!'

25 Aug

Diana arrived urgently in Turkey being transported by ambulance, was hospitalized urgently and the specialist doctors administered a more intensive treatment and she underwent medical investigations.

The "Save a Heart" Association ensured the payment of the transport by private ambulance, the costs being in the amount of 11402.02 RON according to the payment order attached on the platform.


05 Aug

Today I had the consultation with the oncologist, and tomorrow I will start chemotherapy for metastases in the lungs and the breast, these will take place on the first day and the eighth day, and then break 21 days. When the molecular result comes in about a week or two, the chemotherapy plan will be changed and it will be done with a special substance on that analysis.

30 Jul

Hello, good and beautiful people! Today, because of your gift, I started radiosurgery. A new stage on my way to my healing, a path I can't complete without your help. Please continue to support me by donating or distributing. I want to heal, to return home, to be able to heal other people! God bless you and be rewarded for everything you do!''

22 Jul

Good evening, I was discharged, now I continue the recovery and treatment, the recovery is going very well but still not and the sight has not returned so I still do treatments, will return in 2-3 weeks. On Monday I will have 4 consultations related to treatment and postoperative evolution and on the 28th 29th I will have the oncology radiotherapy consultation in which it will be decided when I start radiotherapy , I will communicate exact data because then we will have to pay radiotherapy

15 Jul

With the help of the good Lord and your generosity, today I will operate! The battle with the disease has begun! Give me God power to defeat her! To come home healthy! So I can live! So I can work! To be able to return the good I've received these days! Join me! I'm still counting on your donations, thank you!

09 Jul

Hello, wonderful and good people! With your help and the good Lord, today I am leaving for Turkey.I am facing a hard battle with the disease, but I am leaving with hope and confidence that I will win. I've won once before! With you side by side everything will be easier. I felt your kindness and love every penny I donated, every distribution and especially every message of encouragement. I don't have enough words to thank you, I will thank you by beating this nasty disease, by returning home to help the people in distress, by practicing the profession for which I have prepared.

But I still need you, donations, support. God bless you and reward you! Diana's going to be fine!

06 Jul

48 hours of campaign, over 18,000 euros donated! You're wonderful! Thank you so much for your generosity and involvement! Thank you for being good on this earth! May you all be rewarded and blessed! A quiet evening!

Diana still needs you!

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Campaign started on: 03.07.2021

Name: Diana Florentina

First name: Popescu

Age: 26

Amount required: 60.000 000 euro

Diagnosis:: Sarcoma of soft alveolar parts, with metastases.

Treatment will be performed in Turkey at the Anadolu Clinic

Diana's story

My name is Diana Popescu and I am 26 years old, my dream has always been to become a doctor, to help people in distress, the desire instilled by my mother who is a nurse. But life had other plans for me and in the fall of 2016 - when I was third in medical school - I was diagnosed with soft-part sarcoma in my right thigh and lung metastases.

My luck was to discover a team of wonderful doctors at the Hospital of Turkey, doctors who fought side by side with me, to save my life. I've had rough treatment, I've suffered, I've cried, I've often felt defeated by the disease, but I haven't given in. I fought and the cancer went into remission. All this time I didn't give up on my dream and last year I successfully graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, becoming a doctor.

Unfortunately, I couldn't practice because the cancer has relapsed, this time much more aggressively, now I have metastases in the breast, metastasis to the brain that is life-threatening, and chronic leukemia. My chance to save myself and continue my life is a new treatment in Turkey, a treatment that includes brain surgery, because the metastasis of the brain irreparably affects my vision and endangers my life.

My parents can no longer support me financially, in the four and a half years since I've been fighting this cruel disease, they've sold everything they can sell, they've made loans to banks, they've borrowed from friends. That's why I'm asking you to help me. Any amount to me means a lot. The amount that is required for the operation is worth 35,000 euros and for 3 months of treatment the amount amounts to 25,000 euros total being 60,000 euros if there are no complications.

Thank you for your support and help. Thanks and the association SALVEAZA An INIMA for involvement .

I feel that God loves me, with His help and yours I will survive!

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Entity Name: Association "SALVEAZA O INIMA"
Tax Registration Code: 31015982

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REVOLUT: 0752,753,540

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