The desperate message of an 8-year-old girl with her father diagn
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The desperate message of an 8-year-old girl with her father diagnosed with leukaemia: 'I beg you, help me save my daddy!'

The cry for help from a little girl from the Republic of Moldova went viral on Facebook. The child hopes to raise the money needed to treat her father, who was diagnosed with leukaemia.

"I beg you, help me not to lose my daddy." It's the lines written in pain by an 8-year-old girl on a sheet of paper.   The message in which the child tries to convince Romanians to distribute and donate for her father, Sergiu Sandu, was posted on Facebook by the heads of the Association "Save a heart", along with the text: "Polina, Sergiu's little girl, begs us not to let them. Because in the middle of this pain is cancer... This daddy's life has an impossible price for them... They have nothing but hope in people." The post has racked up more than 13,000 retweets over the past 11 days. "They walked him on the road" Polina's father is only 33 years old, lives in the Republic of Moldova and was recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a severe haematological condition caused by the uncontrolled proliferation in the bone marrow of immature cells called lymphoblasts.

Although the diagnosis sounds shocking, Sergiu has a chance of healing, even if he has wasted precious time before starting treatment. "After he was diagnosed in Moldova, they kind of walked him on the roads because they don't have much medicine there. With some support, he managed to go to Turkey, to the Emsey Clinic in Istanbul. His treatment spans a period of about a year. He did the first and second chemotherapy sessions and we're going to see if a transplant is needed," Vlad Pie, president of the Save a Heart Association, one of the non-governmental organizations that got involved in supporting the young daddy, told "The Truth."

Needs 90,000 euros

The campaign initiated by the Association "Save a Heart" for Sergiu Sandu started on November 7, 2019, and in ten days 15,000 euros were raised, half of the amount that the man needs in a first phase. According to the first treatment plan issued by the Emsey Clinic in Istanbul (where Sergiu is currently hospitalized), at this stage the costs of treatment amount to at least 30,000 euros. "They gave us three prices in Sergiu's case.

The 30,000 euros they gave us at the beginning are just for chemotherapy. For transplantation it is 90,000 euros. It's hard for them and painful, especially since they have kids to raise. Contact is more with the clinic, because it's more difficult with the family. When I talk to my mom, she cries more... And she, and the little girls very much want daddy to come home," says, for "Truth," Vlad Pie.

The message posted on the association's official Facebook page appeals to anyone who could help the young daddy with a small donation: "Sergiu needs each of us to be able to fight this fight, he needs our moral and financial support in order to be able to carry out the treatment. The secret to sickness is to fight to acquire the grace of God. We have much use of diseases, it is enough to endure them without grumbling and to glorify God, asking for His mercy. Salvation of the soul through patience in disease, trouble and suffering. Let us trust God's love. When we surrender to Christ, our spiritual body is calmed down, resulting in the physiological functioning of all organs. They're all influenced. We're getting better, we're stopping suffering. Even with cancer, if we leave this one to God, so our soul calms down, God's grace can work through this silence to heal cancer and others," the page's administrators note in the message of media coverage of the case.

The patient's cry for help is disturbing. Sergiu Sandu says he just wants to live. "I ask for your help kneeling. It's hard to ask... I'm bet, and only you can help me. Don't leave me, I couldn't without you!" says Sergiu Sandu, in a video on page. Drama of the sick young young Bessarabian says he really wants to return home to his two young children remained in the care of the wife, torn down by pain and hardship. "Together with my wife, we raise two young children. I go through many investigations, expensive treatments, chemotherapy, unbearable pain, it's already beyond my powers, but knowing that I am the pillar of the house, of the children, the wife and the hope of the parents, I want with all my heart to fight and I want to live with my children. My life depends on a large amount for us.

My family is powerless in the face of these expenses. It's hard to look at my babies and know that my life depends on an amount we don't have. I have hope in people and in the good Lord, I ask you from the bottom of my heart to be with me, I really need help," Sergiu says in a message posted on website. "Needs surgery" The Association, which aims to support those in distress and distress, initiated the campaign for Sergiu on October 24, 2019, and has so far collected more than 1,800 donations, totalling $34,000. Any extra amount of donations will help Srgiu get closer to the transplant that could save his life. "My son, Serioja, needs surgery. Please help him with what you can!" he says with tears in her eyes, in a video message, on the same page, and the man's mother, who begs for support from the hospital bed on which Sergiu is sitting.