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Dominic Costea

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Campaign updates

28 Apr

Today I was with Dominic i was done CT scan and abdominal ultrasound where it resulted that he got rid of cancer at this time is clean nothing is seen , and we can return to Romania , next month we will come for control . We thank you and all the people who helped us to save our little boy 💙

13 Apr

"Today I was at the check-up with Dominic, I talked to the doctors so that we can go home during this period, until his body will be fit for special analyzes - TOMOGRAPH, PET-CT.

The analyzes resulted in low hemoglobin, which requires blood transfusion. After we finish this transfusion, we are going to return to the country for two weeks after which we will return to Turkey for investigations.

Thank you very much for your help and support!" (Mădălina Costea, Dominic's mother)

13 Apr

Today I was at the check-up with Dominic, I talked to the doctors so that we can go home during this period, until his body will be fit for special analyzes - TOMOGRAPH, PET-CT.

The analyzes resulted in low hemoglobin, which requires blood transfusion. After we finish this transfusion, we are going to return to the country for two weeks after which we will return to Turkey for investigations.

Thank you very much for your help and support! 

(Mădălina Costea, Dominic's mother)

07 Apr

Today is the last day of this chemotherapy cure. Dominic was very active, had no side effects, we will be discharged later today. Then we will wait for information from the doctors for what comes next.

Thank you so much for everything you do for us and for our child!

06 Apr

Dominic finished chemotherapy for today , he had nausea different from the other days , but it is good , we will also have tomorrow after which he also finished this cure . Thank you for your help and support!

05 Apr

Today's Dominic has started his second chemotherapy cure , so far his condition is good , we hope that he will still be well and strong to be able to win.

25 Mar

I was with Dominic today to control his general condition is a good one , blood tests are decreasing due to treatment with cytostatics now we are waiting for the recovery of the body after which he follows the second treatment.

13 Mar

Dominic came out of the surgery for mounting the catheter we are hospitalized today they will give him hydration infusions and from tomorrow he will be given the treatments with cytostics

09 Mar

Hello , came out the result to the pathology of the tumor unfortunately the news is not good , was diagnosed with neuroblastoma resulting in a malignant cancer , tomorrow we will get the plan for treatment

03 Mar

Good morning , Dominic was transferred to the intensive care room , has a good condition , I was now waiting for the results from the pathology to come out , thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support provided , thanks to you my baby was born a second time.

01 Mar

Dominic came out of the surgery well. Following the discussions we had with the specialist doctors, the tumor was completely removed and we are waiting for the pathological result.

Thank you for joining us!

28 Feb

Dominic's surgery was postponed to tomorrow around 12 noon. It needs our urgent support to be able to get over this intervention. Unfortunately, the family does not have the necessary amount of 24500 euros to save your life!

Campaign started on 26.02.2022

Name: Costea

First name: Dominic

Age: 9 months

Required amount: 24,500 euro (operation)

Diagnosis: Malignant lung tumor, neuroblastoma

The operation and treatment will be performed in Turkey at the Medical Park Clinic


Dominic's story


There is no man who does not shudder when he hears the word "cancer". The greater the shock when it comes to your own son.

She hardly found the words of Madalina Costea when she wrote to us about the situation of her only child. He wasn't even a year old, and Dominic was diagnosed with a malignant lung tumor. The formation is positioned right next to the boy's heart, covering a main vein, and in the absence of an operation the child will die.

I would never have written these lines to you, but I find myself in a desperate situation! The sheaths of saving my son are only great if we operate him and undergo chemotherapeutic treatment. In Romania, I did not have a definite diagnosis and I arrived in Turkey, at MedicalPark Hospital. Here they told us what it has and that it can be operated on, but the costs reach 24. €500 to remove the tumor, Dominic's mother told us.

The 20-year-old cannot work because she takes care of the child, and her husband, Stefan, 21, is a vegetable-fruit salesman. He alone barely copes with the monthly expenses!

You can imagine what these young people at the beginning of their family life are going through when they know they can lose their baby if they do not collect the amount needed to be operated on. Devastated by the diagnosis, discouraged by the precarious situation from a material point of view and discouraged that they have no one to ask for so much money from, Stefan and Mădălina Costea beg us not to get over their suffering and to help them save their little boy from death.

Any donation made to Aso accounts"Save a Heart" can mean an extra chance at life for Dominic. Only parents can truly understand what these people are going through! Any of us would like to be helped in such a terrible situation. By offering help, we will also receive help in times of need. Donate to Dominic too!


For donations:

Entity name: Association "SAVE A HEART"

Tax registration code: 31015982

Ron account: RO05BTRL00701205W82870XX

EUR account: RO28BTRLEURCRT00W8287001

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