Financial data and cases supported from the first donation (4 EURO) up to 4000.000 euro on October 30th, 2019.

4,000,000 Euro – collected from online donations through card payment and PayPal

Euro / donor conversion – 58.65 Euro / visitor,

562,133 SMS of 2 euros each the total amount of 1,124266 euros

178,087 euros for Google –Giving Week campaigns through the platform


2,398,105 euros from corporate sponsorships

252 campaigns realized in 5 years and 7 months, meaning 4 campaigns of fundraising monthly.

350 people benefited from financial support

3 Hospitals have been equipped with the latest medical equipment

Louis Turcanu Hospital Timisoara, Timis county, Pediatrics section – 46,400 euros

Harlau City Hospital, Iasi county, Pediatrics section – 35,000 euros

Mavromati Hospital, Botosani County, Pediatric Section – 25,000 euros


March 7th, 2014 – October 10th, 2019

Starting with March 7th, 2014 until October 10th, 2019, the platform was visited by 1,793,274 people which generated 1,793,268 sessions / visits and 7,250,218 page views. From the sources that generate traffic, we find that 1,747,572 people have entered from Facebook, and 11,601 persons from other sources.


Referring to the country of origin of the visitors during the last 365 days (October 30th,2018 – October 30th, 2019), 67.97% were from Romania, 5.93% from the United Kingdom, 4.36% from Italy, 4.20% from Germany and 2.89% from the Republic of Moldova. Most sessions were generated in Bucharest – 91,875 users followed by Iasi 18,319 users and Timis 17,370 users.

We are present on the Facebook social network with 201,595 fans with whom we have 1.5 million-2.9 million weekly interactions.

Starting with August 2017, the humanitarian cases presented on the website also contain payment orders to the national and international clinics, offering a transparency of the amounts donated for each particular case.

Receipts according to the figures from the balance sheet submitted for 2018

9,298,194 lei = 1,994,550 euro (BNR exchange rate on June 15th, 2018: 1 euro= 4,6618 lei) – the average exchange rate of 2018



Commissions (PayPAL, Netopia, Bank)


Gross wages


Promoting humanitarian campaigns


Other expenses (site maintenance, postal services, office supplies, courier services)



Date financiare si cazuri sprijinite de la prima donatie (4 EURO) pana la 4000.000 euro la data de 30.10.2019

4000.000  Euro – stransi din donatii online prin plata card si PayPal

conversia Euro/donator  – 58,65  Euro/vizitator,

562.133 de SMS-uri a cate 2 euro suma totala de 1.124266 euro

178.087 euro campanii Google –Giving Week prin platforma


2.398.105 euro din sponsorizari firme

252 de campanii realizate in 5 ani si 7 luni insemnand 4 campanii de strangere de fonduri lunar.

350 persoane au beneficiat de sprijin financiar

3 Spitale au beneficiat de aparatura medicala de ultima generatie

Spitalul Louis Turcanu -Timisoara sectia Pediatrie 46.400 euro

Spitalul Orasanesc Harlau judetul Iasi sectia Pediatrie- 35.000 euro

Spitalul Mavromati Judetul Botosani Sectia Pediatrie -25000 euro



Incepand cu data de 07.03.2014 pana la data 30.10.2019, platforma a fost vizitata de 1.793.274  de persoane, care au generat 1.793.268 de sesiuni/vizite si 7.250.218  de afisari de pagina  . Dintre sursele generatoare de trafic, constatam ca de pe Facebook au intrat 1.747.572 de persoane, din din alte surse 11601 persoane.


Raportandu-ne la tara de provenienta a vizitatorilorin perioada ultimelor 365 de zile (30.10.2018-30.10.2019), 67,97% sunt din Romania, 5.93% din Marea Britanie, 4.36% din Italia, 4,20% din Germania si 2.89% din Republica Moldova. Cele mai multe sesiuni au fost generate din municipiul Bucuresti – 91.875 utilizatori urmate de Iasi 18.319 si Timis 17.370 utilizatori

201.595  fani pe reteaua de socializare Facebook, 1.5 milioane-2,9 milioane de interactiuni saptamanal.

Incepand cu luna August 2017 cazurile umanitare prezentate pe site detin si ordinele de plata catre cliniciile nationale si internationale. Oferind o transparenta a sumele donate  pentru fiecare cauza in parte.

Incasari conform cifrelor din bilantul depus pe anul 2018

9.298.194 lei=1.994.550 euro (curs BNR din data de 15.06.2018. 1 euro= 4.6618 ) am luat media anului 2018 la curs

Donatii 96.30%
Comisioane (PayPAL, Netopia , Banca) 1.93%
Salarii brut 1.31%
Promovare campanii umanitare 0.35%
Alte cheltuieli (mentenanta site,posta,birotica, curier) 0.11%