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Ștefan Răzvan Racoviță

Active campaign 30 days

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Campaign started on 30.08.2022

Name: Ştefan and Răzvan

First name: Racoviţă

Age: 8 years

Required amount: 10.000 RON monthly

Diagnosis: autism, mental retardation, severe IgA deficiency and hyperactivity disorder

The treatment will be performed at the "Bright Future for Every Child" Center, Romania


The story of the twins Stefan and Răzvan


A long line of problems and an existence stuck in a realm that only they really understand... This is how we could describe the life of two 8-year-old twin brothers, who desperately need our help

Stefan and Răzvan Racovita were born prematurely, at 8 months of pregnancy, and until the age of 2 they did not give any sign that there was something wrong with them. But following a food poisoning that fell prey to the entire family, doctors revealed shocking illnesses.

They were about to lose their lives, everything crumbled then. We were hospitalized with an intoxication and the doctor did not give them proper treatment, and the infection attacked their brains. Then we went to the neurologist to see what they had and then they were diagnosedwith autism, severe mental retardation and hyperactivity, says Mădălina Racoviță, the children's mother.

Beyond the shock and fear for their future, the parents of the two brothers were faced with a difficult situation also from a financial point of view, in the context in which such children have special needs, and the therapies they have to benefit from in order to acquire life skills are very expensive. In addition, the twins have also been diagnosed with gluten allergy, lactose intolerance and severe immunoglobulin A deficiency, which also means high costs with food, but also an increased sensitivity to infections.

At 5 years old they were to die for the second time, after the operation of the tonsils, when they took rotavirus from the hospital. After 3 weeks fed only by infusions, we left with them in our arms, being so weak that they could not stand up, wrote us and the father of the boys, Cristian Racovita.

Since the parents did not have opportunities to pay for their special therapy for people with autism, up to 5 years the siblings did not evolve at all, having the mental age of 2-3 years. From 5 years old they began to do two hours a day, five days a week, but they can no longer cover the costs themselves.

We are currently doing ABA therapy at the "Bright Future for Every Child" Center. A month of therapy costs 2,300 lei for each child, so 4,600 lei for both of us. Thus, in one year we need 55,200 lei for children's ABA therapy. Besidesthis, they need sensory therapy, and also, the medication costs about 1,500 lei per month. Because childrenare intolerantgluten and lactose, and their diet is a special one, much more expensive, explained the Racovita spouses.

Mădălina and Cristian are employed as personal assistants, which means that they can often barely pay the family's maintenance expenses, let alone cover the costs of special therapies and medication. Without daily therapy, a child with autism will not be able to acquire the necessary skills for a life as independent as possible, practically he is condemned to be permanently dependent on his parents. Stefan and Razvan need our help. Through any donation made in the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association, these children receive an extra chance at a better life, at a future in which they can live on their own feet. Donate for the Racovita brothers!


For donations:

Entity name: Association "SAVE A HEART"

Tax registration code: 31015982

Ron account: RO05BTRL00701205W82870XX

EUR account: RO28BTRLEURCRT00W8287001

USD account: RO68BTRLUSDCRT00W8287001


BIC code: BTRL

Banca Transilvania Botoşani

Please specify in the bank transfer, at the payment details, the name Stefan and Răzvan Racovita!