You can donate directly by bank transfer to the following accounts:

Account RON: RO 05 BTRL 0070 1205 W828 70 XX

Account Euro: RO 28 BTRL EUR CRT 00 W828 7001

Account USD: RO 68 BTRL USD CRT 00 W828 7001

Account CHF: RO 12 BTRL CHF CRT 00 W828 7001


About us

The "Save a Heart" Association was founded on December 12, 2012 with the purpose that gives it its name, that of saving as many hearts as possible, of offering an extra chance to life where illness and material deprivation want to draw the line of a tragic destiny. Professionals from various fields, but also simple people, honest and motivated to help are involved in our projects and testify to the fact that an altruistic community, oriented towards the common good, can change everything even if the chances are limited.

Millions of euros were raised from donations over the years, all the money being invested in the treatment, interventions and medical procedures on which the lives of all those who appealed to us in the last hope of healing depended.

Children and adults today have a happy life with their families due to the desire of one man, but also to the solidarity of the countless donors who wanted to be part of perhaps the most beautiful and altruistic community in Romania.

Even if, officially, the Association "Save a Heart" is made up of 7 people, in reality it has over 115,000 members, those who donate for their fellows - they are our friends, who trusted and lived with us the fulfillment of saving lives, the joy of giving and the satisfaction that they changed the destinies of some families hard tried by fate.

Our donors not only offer money, but also life, the happiness of living with your loved ones, from whom a terrible disease tries to take you. Moreover, any life saved means another future, other dreams, other achievements, a better world created by those who see life differently now, knowing how valuable it is and what the priorities really are. Children who have escaped from the clutches of cancer can become doctors, teachers, performance athletes, model families, examples of good, can be the change we all want and expect. Adults on the brink of death can educate their children much better, in order to protect them from suffering, they can be parables for those around them. All these scenarios can become reality through the chance that our donors offer to those who are afflicted.

Join the community of good people and donate to one of the cases promoted on the www.salveazaoinima.ro platform

The spiritual protector of the organization is "The Holy Hierarch Nectarie of Eghina", the miracle worker.