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You can donate directly by bank transfer to the following accounts:

Account RON: RO 05 BTRL 0070 1205 W828 70 XX

Account Euro: RO 28 BTRL EUR CRT 00 W828 7001

Account USD: RO 68 BTRL USD CRT 00 W828 7001

Account CHF: RO 12 BTRL CHF CRT 00 W828 7001


Redirect 3.5%

Download Form 230

5 steps and a GOOD FACT without costing you anything:

1. Click on the download form 230 button

2. Fill in with your data

3. Print


5. Submit it by May 25, 2021 to ANAF

You can do a GOOD FACT with a gesture that DOESN'T COST YOU NIMIC...

Directs 3.5% of the tax due to the state to the Association "SALVE A INIMATE".

The "Save a Heart" Association is open to any proposal for partnership, collaboration or initiative that comes from companies interested in involvement in social responsibility projects dedicated to children.

Who's in it?

You, the taxpayer.

Can I choose more than one organization?

Not. You can request that 3.5% of your annual income tax be directed to a single non-profit entity.

How much are you spending?

Nothing. As this amount represents, part of the State Budget being collected from you in fiscal year 2020.

For how long?

Your option is valid for fiscal year 2020 (1 January-31 December 2020). For this fiscal year the deadline for filing forms is 25 May 2021.

For what?

For activities of non-profit organizations in the social, educational, cultural, environment, etc.

Who can you direct this money to?

How do you redirect 3.5% of income tax?

1. Fill out Form 230 (if in 2020 you had income only from wages) or Form 200 (if in 2020 you have made other income – from wages or self-employment or only from self-employment).

2. Send the form to the Financial Administration of which you belong until 25 May 2021: the form can be submitted directly or sent by post with a registered letter (confirmation of receipt).

What is 3.5%?

Individual taxpayers may order on the destination an amount representing up to 3,5 % of the annual income tax due to the State, in accordance with Article 57 (1) (a) and (b). (4) and Article 84 (1) (b) shall be replaced by the following: (2) of the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 138/2004 for the amendment and completion of the Law on Tax Code No. 571/2003 and applied by Law No. 163/2005.

Thus individuals can sponsor non-profit entities that operate according to OG 26/2000 regarding associations and foundations.

Who's in it?

You, the taxpayer:

You can direct 3.5% of the tax due on annual income to an association or foundation by completing Appendix 230 from the Annual Income Tax Return form.

How much are you spending?


This amount is a part of the state budget that is directed by you to an association or foundation.

This way you can get involved without any additional costs, in supporting important social causes.

How long has it been?

Starting with fiscal year 2021 (1 January-31 December 2020).

Deadline for submission of

global income statement is 25 May 2021

Who are you directing this money to?

The association "SALVEAZA O INIMA" is a non-governmental organization, registered as a legal person in December 2012.

As a non-profit organization, our resources are limited and the vast majority of our activities are carried out through sponsorships and donations.

For what?

Unlike the state, we'll tell you what happens to your taxes.

All programs offered by the Association SALVEAZA O INIMAi" have as main purpose the desire to help ("To serve above the self"), trying to achieve this by:

How do you do it?

Individuals who have made income from salaries in 2020 and who request the transfer of up to 3.5% of the annual tax to the Association "SALVEAZA O INIMA" complete in the Single Declaration, Annex 230: "Request for the destination of the amount representing up to 3.5% of the annual tax". A copy of the form 210 "Tax return on income tax on income from wages" is attached to the application. Code The global income statement is submitted to the Public Finance Administration in person or by post.

When does the money get into the organization's account?

The transfer of these amounts to the organization is made by the competent financial body, i.e. the Public Finance Administration, until 31 December 2020.

Will you know if you've been helpful?


If the Association "SALVEAZA O INIMA" will enjoy your trust and support, it will publicly announce the amount transferred to the association's account and how it was spent.

What's the data?

Entity Name Association "SALVEAZA O INIMA"
Tax Registration Code (CIF) – 31015982

Bank Account (IBAN) -RO05BTRL00701205W82870XX

Banca Transilvania-Sucursala Botosani

For any details regarding your company's involvement, please contact us by phone 0752.753.540 or by email:

Attention, this amount does not represent a sponsorship or donation,but is essentially a part of the income tax already paid, which can be directed by each individual citizen to the entity desired by him!