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Ana Maria Bâțu

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08 Sep

Ana Maria Bațu has to stay for a month in Istanbul for treatment and recovery. We all want them to return home healthy.


06 Sep

Ana- Maria will follow a period of recovery there will only be local pain following the intervention that was very complicated. We will keep you up to date with her health status as we receive information from your family or clinic in Istanbul.


05 Sep
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The Save a Heart Association paid today the amount of 9500 EURO according to the attached payment order.

At 15:00, Ana Maria entered the operating room!

Our fight continues!


30 Aug

Folks, help me to put my little sister on her feet, her health is getting worse and worse every day, I feel that I no longer have the strength to see her struggle in the terrible pains that keep her awake day and night for almost 4 months. I appeal to you, those with a good, sincere, pure heart, those who have children and you know what it means to suffer a child! 

My sister has endured heavy torments since she was a little girl, her childhood, adolescence and youth up to this point have been overshadowed by terrible pain, her life has been and is through hospitals and many doctors, treatments, painkillers, but she is not well, she is struggling to live, she hopes and believes that she will succeed with your help. to get to the clinic in Istanbul that gave him a chance. Whoever wants to help her can do it in the bank accounts shown below.

(Viorica Soare, sister of Ana Maria Bâțu) 

Campaign started on 26.08.2022

Name: Bâţu 

First name: Ana Maria

Age: 25 years

Amount required: 9.500 EUR

Diagnosis: bilateral hydrosalpinx


Ana's story


Aches and pains again... from year to year more and more frequent and intense. Ana Maria Bâțu has lived with them since she remembers. As early as the age of 5, the young woman got used to the hospital wards where she was hospitalized urgently due to terrible belly pains and strong urinary infections. At the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital he was given painkillers and other treatments, but without much success. The doctors diagnosed her with bilateral hydrosalpinx, a blockage of both fallopian tubes and did not give her any chance of healing in Romania.

They told her that if she was operated on here, she would die on the operating table, ana Maria's sister, Viorica Soare, says with sadness.

In August last year, the young woman arrived at a clinic in Turkey, where she was operated on to have her fallopian tubes removed. He hoped that this would end the nightmare in which he had lived until then. Unfortunately, the pains not only did not pass, but increased even more, bringing her to the situation of not being able to sleep or eat normally.

For 7 days he has hemorrhages and can no longer stand the state in which he is. Doctors in Istanbul say that the woman must be operated on again, and for this she has to pay 9,500 euros.

We are unable to pay for this surgery. So far we have hardly been able to pay all the medical costs. I beg you, help me save my sister! He is a child who has grown up hard and endured terrible torments in this life, says Ana Maria's sister.

The young woman comes from a poor family - the mother is a caretaker at a school and earns just over 1,800 lei monthly, and the father died. The story is a sad one in many ways. Ana Maria will never have children because of hydrosalpinx and the necessary interventions. Her torment, however, is not only a spiritual one, but also a physical one - although she tried to solve the problem surgically, the suffering did not leave her. In addition, the fact that she does not have enough money to give herself another chance at a life without pain can only bring her to her knees. Her prayer is a simple one - to help her be able to operate again, hoping that this time she will escape with the binit's from the ordeal.

Any donation made to the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association can get this woman out of the ruthless clutches of unbearable pain and give her hope for a better future. If his whole childhood was marked by tears, let's give him the chance of a youth devoid of torment! Donate for Ana Maria!


For donations:

Entity name: Association "SAVE A HEART"

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