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11 Oct

Ready Bogdanel, no more pain and suffering! Now you're in a better place where you can play and run happily! No needles, no doctors, no pain and no cockroaches! You will always remain an example of a fighter 🙏 To take care of mommy from up there and relieve her pain!

One day we will meet up there, until then eternal rest 🙏

Andrada, my dear , my cunvitele will never relieve your pain and I have no strength to do something but I can only tell you that you are a super woman, super mom and Bogdanel is a luck to have such a fighter as mother!

God keep you in your arms forever Bognanel 🙏❤️

07 Oct

I am still writing to you today, unfortunately with the same feeling of emotional turmoil, as lately 😔 ... I don't know how to beg anymore, how much more to pray, as much as I can hope ...

Today Bogdănel of ours was hospitalized in the morning in Cluj, his blood was collected for tests and now he is waiting for the doctor to come to see the MRI.

Please don't let us know now... please continue to be with us, as you have been so far. 🤗🙏💙

PLEASE pray with us for God to do a miracle for Bogdănel... and please support us through donations, (money / products / auctions) as much as you can 🙏😇💙🙏

You are wonderful and Bogdănel thanks you from all 💙 the time! 💙🙏😇

02 Oct

Hello, his condition is worsening , last night he stayed only with the oxygen device because he could not breathe. In this morning could not swallow anything and all the oxygen is

What I want to communicate is that yesterday I managed to get in touch in Cluj with a lady oncologist and on the 6th I mean wednesday we will be hospitalized in Cluj on the Oncology department to see what can be done ptr him . Wednesday was the fastest possible to hospitalize us . Let us continually pray to the Good God to keep him in power and to perform a miracle through the hands of doctors.

Lord please do you a miracle for our champion who is struggling to live

23 Sep

I come back with news, news that I would never have wanted to give you. 😪 We returned home because the doctors have nothing to do, they have no way to help us. I shoved an infusion and that's about all they can 😭 do. Bogdan is just as good when it comes to doctors and infusions but 2 nights did not close an eye. Only he knows what he wants ,only he understands me and everything seems torn from a horror movie . The only possibility would be to hospitalize him on the palliative to always be sedated with morphine as many days as he will have. That really can not do , even if I find it enormously difficult , I can not let my child wonder ,I can not give up ! So the fight continues, he fights extraordinarily much and has a lot of wonderful people who support him that is, you all bogdanel's angels ❤ ! God exists, I know and I've always felt ,especially in this terrible struggle. We follow the natural treatments and oils and I am sure that only they help him enormously. Please stay with us continuously ,we need you 🙏

I know you carry it in your prayers all the time and thank you so much for everything!

22 Sep

Hello folks. Bogdanel is not well at all. It goes through indescribable torments . Today I called a nurse to try to hydrate him but he has no veins . It was stung everywhere,hands legs and there is absolutely no vein. Saturation always plays and are with oxygen always near us . Doctors have nothing to do, I have no way sal help and everything is a nightmare !!!! Food can not eat , water hardly swallows and drowns not even to sleep only can 😭 😭 😭 . On Friday we have a file consultation in Cluj at a neurochirug professor. Only a miracle could save us! All I wish you knew is that he fights, even without strength he fights! Don't eat the treatments but take the treatments. A true champion. God heal 🙏 him!

We constantly need your help and your 🙏 🙏 🙏 prayers!

17 Sep

Hello dear ones, I know you are waiting for news about Bogdanel's condition but nothing for the better 😭 . Day try to eat but can not swallow so these days Bogdanel ate only fruit and pills. Yes the pills and oils you take to destroy the cockroach . The night has become my nightmare because the saturation decreases and decreases hard! I sent again ,a "n" time his file to all the famous clinics on brain cancer outside the country but the answers are negative ,as so far there is no treatment! It's been a while since I gave up and I understand that there is no cure for him but I want to believe that there is a surgeon that could make it impossible, possible as last year when no one could operate but the miracle happened! We go and consult surgeons but the answers are the same ,can not. We hope that in the coming days we will find a solution, to find a doctor who wants to risk ptr that we as parents want to risk anything only sal we see well 🙏 . He goes through torment ,and great torments but with his last fighting power 💪 ! To you wonderful people I want to thank you for fighting alongside us, encouraging us and giving us strength in these nightmarish moments. Thank you ptr all your messages ,for the activity on the group and because you are the angels of Bogdanel ❤ We need you ,but first of all we need your prayers 🙏 🙏 🙏 !

04 Sep

"... they are the kind and kind of pains that oppress the human heart, but one of the greatest, able to tear down from the ground everything that the best man has inside him is that pain that you have when you helplessly witness the drama of your child...

... no matter how much you writh in the depths of your being, no matter how much you cry, no matter how hard you pray, you feel, looking at your child, how everything goes out in you, how you die before death, your child once and you hundreds of times before him ...

... there are times when people shrug their shoulders, stop the words in their throats seeing you, they prefer not to have known you than to know you with such pain and that any word of theirs is colorless, speechless and feels pointless ...

... blessed is the man who forgets his pain for your pain...."

08 Jul

I want to thank you for appearing in our lives, that every day you delight us with your wonderful smile and teach us to fight with you. Now are some hard times for us but I'm sure God will do a miracle and you will still fight and the cockroach will destroy it as you wish!

I want you to know that we all love you so much and we will fight together until we win!

We wish you all the health in the world, we love you so much Boganel! ❤ ❤ ❤

29 Jun

Good evening, Bogdanel is all the 😱 same, not mananca, does not work, can not 😭 😭 😭 talk!

Today he was made Mri specifically to see exactly what is going to get in this state. The most painful words told me, "WORK TO MOR", folks is 5 years old immediately and pronounce these words . I don't want anyone to ever know what I'm like, there are no words to express myself! Besides this money is a big problem ,as you know every 2 weeks we pay 3600 euros plus analysis and control this with your help but since yesterday when we checked until now we have to pay 4000 euros on what was administered! Save a heart gave us tight money and they put from them , hope for Romania has paid for the treatments, we pay for accommodation plus everything Bogdi needs , at the moment we are asked for enormous amounts of large and Bogdan does not give any signs of good .

I ask you from the heart more than ever to share to help us. His wish is to get home to his toys and see his friends. Tomorrow we will have the results and decisions of the 🙏 doctors!

Please help us, bear in your prayer I beg 🙏 you!

28 Jun

Unfortunately Bogdanel's condition is getting worse, as I said last time only can move himself only supported, only can speak at all well ,do not understand what he says and today he has problems and swallowing and I could not feed him. 😓 We'll wait for the car and we'll go to the hospital. I ask you from the heart to carry it in your prayers always, God is the only one who can do anything for 🙏 him! Please distribute and help us ,the costs being enormous for us ,all it will do is extra to the platforms so far..

28 Jun

Yesterday I finished my third course of chemotherapy, a hard cure that gave us a headache. After consulting we were recommended to reintroduce dexamethasone ,the tumor being very large affects the functions of the body. From today I started but Bogdanel can only go than supported because only has balance and speaks very hard . yes, all of a sudden, yesterday on my feet today, knocked 😭 down! We contacted the doctors and they confirmed that it is not an adverse reaction but increases the 🥺 tumor! I am terrified of how this disease works and overwhelmed by pain ,words only I have but all of you please from the heart to pray for Bogdanel to make God a miracle and to heal him of this disease that affects his life so 🙏 much! Thank you!

25 Jun

I started the 3rd course of chemotherapy with lots of tears and 😭 pain! Bogdanel doesn't really have veins, well no kid with cancer has veins and the nurses have gone to a lot of trouble to get the bran. Everything is a torment and our hero is tired of these 😔 procedures. He's tired - too much pain at such a young age but he wants to get rid of this cockroach and grow up happy. Only the good Lord to do a miracle and rid him of these 🙏 torments!

Our prayers reach up to the Lord Lord so I ask you from the heart to pray for Bogdanel and to mention him on Sunday and every time you go to church, He is the only one who can make a 🙏 miracle! Thank!

11 Jun

Bogdanel Our hero has started and the 2 course of chemotherapy . 🙏I want to tell you that it's a real wonder on earth and no matter how hard and painful it is he 😄 smiles. It's a tough treatment for any of us but he at 4 years old shows us how we must always fight with a smile on our face! Please carry it in your prayers, there will be hard days for him given the reactions of the 😪 🙏 treatment!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us and we kindly ask you to help us continue, we have many things put out to tender, distribute the case and invite new people in the group, together we will succeed! Bogdanel fights with all forces but needs all of us to 🙏 win!

29 May

Bogdanel has successfully completed the treatment. It was hard and she cried a lot at first because she had no veins and they struggled to get her bran 😭 but then everything was fine! The next chemotrapie will be on the 11th. 06 when he adds something else besides Avastin.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and kiss you all! God help 🙏🙏🙏

24 May

New news about Bogdanel so I decided to write you a few words! Bogdanel still has the same condition. The surgery won't take place, and that's not because we don't want to, but Mr. Doctor doesn't want to operate on him anymore. He was advised with other doctors and indeed the operation will have a tragic end that neither dance nor us. In the meantime we sent the file to the clinics that we did not address, we also went to consultations with several surgeons and oncologists.... Pathologies have come out and on their basis will be able to try a new treatment to slow the growth of the tumor . As the weekend, we'll start something to stop. I ask you from the heart to continue to help us and ask God to give health to Bogdanel, He hears us and every day he guards us 🙏

18 May

Dearly beloved we have had a consultation with a neurosurgeon professor and I can only tell you that the situation is extremely 😱 serious. The tumor is very large and is around the respiratory 😭 😭 😭 center! That's why he can be a vacation at any moment! It's extremely hard for me to write to you, my heart hurts but you need to know! Any treatment given will no longer work, the tumor is very large lyced! As you know we have searched all over the world for a doctor and a treatment but they all refused us on the grounds that the tumor is positioned where you can not walk Surgical (brain stem). Following the value of the file the doctor is at risk of operating if we as parents give the consent . His plan is to get as much out of it as possible, then he'll administer this chmio again and radio if he succeeds. We have been made clear that it can stay on the operating table and will try to operate only in our desire because this operation is very complicated and is not done anywhere. At the moment we do not know an estimated cost but certainly the amount will be a very large one. A decision we haven't made yet, but we don't have any options. The chances of survival after surgery are minimal but even if we don't, what we don't sleep will happen. It's hard for us, very hard. It hurts so bad, really bad. I can't believe I got worse than I did in diagnostics. It's a difficult situation and right now I can't decide. I'll wait and the approximate cost and we'll announce! I ask you from the heart to pray to God for Bogdanel's health and to continue to support us financially. We really need 🙏 🙏 🙏 you!

30 Apr

Bogdanel's setting is not a good one! Every day it changes for the worse! He has good times but very 😭 few! You know he always smiled, he was happy and full of life but now only 🥺 can! He fights so hard, the night before bed he cries like he's unloading and loading his forces for the day. In the morning he still smiles but gets sad when he sees that he can't be the same as before. I have heart and soul like a flea, bad thoughts appear in my mind without wanting but I will fight to the end because we have you and Bogdanel deserves to have a beautiful childhood! In just a few days his condition has changed from heaven to earth! I want to thank you for everything and tell you that he fights with all our might and we will do everything in our power to make him 🙏 okay! Today is the last day in the city of good deeds on Radio ZU and I know that many people wrote our story, we hope from the heart and we pray to God to choose us too so that we can pay for the treatment that keeps him alive. It is hard for me to tell you that this treatment is only one that stagnates the brainand does not destroy the tumor, but for us any minute with Bogdan is important, it is our air and I am sure that God will make a miracle to prolong his life and during this extension time to find something beneficial for the destruction of Tumors! Our champion is one of the best Cases with Glioblastoma. He was fine for 1 year (which upon finding out the diagnosis was not possible). He has a developed mindset and has not affected anything on the pshic side, even for doctors it was a wonder when they saw him so well

Once again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and ask you to stay by your side and carry it always in your prayers 🙏🙏🙏

28 Apr

Hello.. I haven't written to you because Boganel is not well at 😭 😭 😭 all! We were also given the platform for intravenous treatment! 3600 euros a cure of Chemotherapy to be done every 2 weeks for a year . This price includes just treatment and one day of hospitalization. The rest of the consultations with doctors, blood tests or CT are extra as well as transportation of food and accommodation .. He started working on biobsie (certain tests and especially DNA) so he could see what is given extra to the treatment .. For 3 days Bogdan feels bad and wants to sleep. I came home because we don't have the money to start this treatment.. As you knew we wanted to go to Mexico on the natural cure but his condition does not allow us to go there. This control totally messed us up (we didn't expect him to have so many carcinogenic cells considering that he was pretty good Physically). I'm making a call of desperation and I beg you to help us distribute his case. At least try some cures with these intravenous chemos if there's nothing left to do! I'm really desperate because I can't believe how it falls apart and how I don't have anything to do with myself as a mother. It hurts so much that I don't have words to tell you! Please distribute!

20 Jun

Hello, as you know we have arrived home, and Bogdan is the happiest child! We were sent the drugs from Turkey today through a private rescue with the help of Narci Nargıs because the tests are low and we need the medicine to increase the values . We thank Mrs. Narci enormously for the efforts she makes from the beginning for Bogdan. She's his guardian angel. In Romania we do not have these drugs and when we left we did not have the results of tests yet.
Please distribute as much as possible our fundraising page for Bogdan because in just 4 days it will end and as you know the costs are enormous for us and we still need money to be able to defeat the disease . Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we kiss you!

04 Jun

Dearly beloved we have finished the last session of radiotherapy and we will continue with chemotherapy pills and weekly tests and the next check-up will be in 6 weeks. Thank God that we have finished everything well, that we have come to the hands of some professional doctors who have done their best to save Bogdan's life.Thank you entire Medical Park teams for their efforts,Thank you foundation "Save a heart" and Foundation "Hope for Romania" for their financial support and Thank you From the soul to the people with a big heart who have distributed and have been and are with us! Bogdanel will kiss all 😘and he's waiting to come home to all of you!

15 Apr

The results of the investigations for Bogdan have come out and 30 sessions of radiotherapy will follow and the final costs reach 8000 euros

09 Apr

Bogdan's fine, but he's a little upset about what's happening to him! He's under surveillance for a while, and then we can take him to the hotel! We are waiting for the biopsy result and we pray to God that it will be a benign tumor so that we can start treatment with radiotherapy! Please donations as little as possible will help us! Let's distribute as many groups as possible to raise money! Thank you very much! 🙏🙏🙏

Campaign started on: 06.04.2020

Name: Bogdan

First name: Arsen

Age: 3 years

Amount required: 7500 USD (investigations only)

Diagnosis:Tumor on the brain stem

Clinic where he will perform surgery and treatment: Medical Park


Your child doesn't have long to live...

How heartbreaking are these words! That's what a mother in Brasov heard from the doctors who diagnosed her 3-year-old baby with a brain stem tumor. None of them wanted to operate on the little one because of the near-zero chance of survival. After six days in the "Bagdasar Arseni" Hospital in the capital, Bogdan Arsenine stopped walking and felt nothing on his left side. He was sent to Fundeni, to the Oncology ward, where he started chemotherapy, the last solution for the little boy hit by the terrible condition. In the midst of a despair that only the parent of a seriously ill child can understand, there came hope: in Turkey there is a chance of an operation that could save Bogdan. Doctors there said the surgery needed to be done urgently, and the Arsenes rushed to Istanbul, where the little one had successfully passed the operation, and now the result of the biopsy is expected, which will show what kind of tumor affected his brain. Meanwhile, radiotherapy sessions are underway for at least a month and a half. All these procedures and treatments have a price, which the Family of The Arrived Ones cannot bear alone, a price that must be paid for Bogdan to live, to overcome this difficult ordeal and to have a future. It's $7,500,which we can raise together by donating to one of the Save a Heart Association's accounts. In these times, when we realize more and more how important it is to be healthy, to be well, to be with our loved ones, to our family, to everything that makes us human, let us give an extra chance at the health of an innocent soul in urgent need of our help. Be Bogdan's heroes!


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