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Amelia Cara

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03 May

I haven't posted a picture of Amelia or anything about her here in a long time. Today I decided to do it, because I get a lot of messages about "how is she? How does it feel? What do doctors say? So, I want to tell you that Amelia is doing pretty well at the moment. Since we returned to the country, she has clearly caught a cold, she has gotten sicker, because her immunity is still very low. Her tests are as good as before, but they still fluctuate, decrease, even increase a little, and she gains strength. Her tests are like this because Amelia is still receiving chemotherapy daily, in small doses, in pill form (plus other protective drugs). And so it will be for another year and a half. We repeat the general blood test every week. And we pass on the results in Turkey to the doctors who take care of Amelia's treatment and where Amelia is under supervision. Every three months we go to Turkey for medical check-ups and medicines. In June a biopsy will be performed, with the help of the good Lord, I hope and believe that everything will be clean (without any cancer cells) and everything will be fine. I am already 8 months close to maintenance and I am very happy. I try with all my heart to protect Amy, to do the best and best for her, to be healthy and always happy with a smile on her face. I work every day and strive for her smile, yes. For her life, for her health. She is everything to me, as to any mother, her baby. Thank you all for all the good wishes and for continuing to ask about her. We wish you all good health and well-being in your soul and home. 🙏🏻🫶🏻

05 Oct

Today the last chemotherapy of those 8 months and something of intensive treatment was performed. Words cannot express how emotional I am at this moment.

Today, I hold my princess in my arms, and my soul is filled with joy and gratitude. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining us on this difficult journey. Because of you, because of our faith in God, because of the tireless efforts of doctors and the power of prayers, Amy is in my arms today, healthy.

Even though we still have a few weeks until the completion of intensive treatment, today was a moment of great importance, with the last intravenous chemotherapy. We are all deeply grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lord! 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

09 Sep

Dear ones, with tight hearts and intertwined emotions, I bring you the latest news about our little fighter, Amelia.

In the last 6 months, our little heroine has been subjected to a multitude of drug treatments, a real mountain of medicines.

For three weeks at home, Amelia has been receiving hormonal pills, and once a week we make the trip to the clinic for the necessary chemotherapy sessions. These visits became a kind of sacred ritual in our common struggle for her health.

We are approaching a crucial point, a turning point where all our hope, prayers and efforts are concentrated in the burning desire for Amelia's little body to emerge victorious. We pray from the bottom of our hearts to see her grow healthy and happy.

In this heartbreaking endeavor, we ask for your help again. We are facing huge expenses, which have far exceeded initial estimates. For 2 1/2 years, we will have to continue maintenance treatment, and for the next 5 years, Amelia will be under the close supervision of our doctors in Turkey, with biannual biopsies and checkups.

Now, Amelia is experiencing heavy side effects, being visibly affected by hormonal treatment. However, each pill and injection represents a step towards healing, a step towards a life where Amelia will be able to laugh and play without pain.

We hope and pray from the bottom of our hearts that our little Amelia will reach permanent remission, to live a long and happy life.

In this moment of trial, with tears in our eyes and our hearts broken by grief, we implore you not to leave us alone. Let's form a wall of retaining and love around Amelia to protect her and give her the strength to fight.

May God watch over every child and bring comfort to the hearts of all parents who are going through such times. May all the little ones grow up healthy and happy.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and for every good thought sent to us. You are our extended family, the ones who encourage us and give us hope every day.

Acute 🩸 lymphoblastic leukemia
2 years 🩸

07 Sep
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"A Spark of Hope: Amelia Cara"

Amelia is not alone in this fight. The kindergarten of angels who came to be by her side, counting no less than 33 online publications from across the country, weaved a field of hope and solidarity, facilitating the fundraising campaign that had a crucial role in the battle against the disease.

Good people, with open hearts and outstretched hands to help, were the backbone of this unique effort. With hope and faith in victory over the disease, they helped raise a significant amount of money to cover Amelia's expensive treatment.

A milestone in this campaign was reached when Save a Heart Association took the noble step of paying the sum of 30,000 euros, according to the attached payment order. A gesture of rare nobility, which brought a wave of hope and renewed faith in good and in the power of human solidarity.

Thanks to all donors, whether they offered large or small amounts, every contribution counts. Amelia and her family send you thousands of thanks, with hearts full of gratitude and eyes shining with hope.

Our fight doesn't stop there. With undefeated spirit, we continue to hope, believe and fight for Amelia, her sincere smile and the bright future she deserves.

Our fight continues! Every day is a new chance, a new hope. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and love, which helps us step every day with faith into a better future for Amelia.

Together, we can write a success story, a story about how love, faith and hope can overcome any obstacle. Thank!

16 Aug
08 Aug

In the heart of every person there is a space dedicated to compassion, solidarity and hope. Over the past 23 days, more than 1580 hearts have come together to bring hope to a little girl named Amelia Cara. Every message sent, every "ping" of the phone, meant more than 2 euros. It meant love, care and a common cry: "Amelia, you are not alone!"

But the journey is not over. Every day can bring new hope, a new chance for Amelia to fight and win. And you can be part of this wonderful fabric of solidarity.

Send an SMS with the text "AMELIA" to the number 8832 and be the ray of light in Amelia's world. Every gesture counts, every message brings joy and comfort to her heart and that of her family. Together we can make a difference! 🌟

07 Aug

In the first 22 days since the launch of the SMS fundraising campaign for Amelia Cara, 1502  SMS of 2 euros were sent. 

Send an SMS with the text "AMELIA" to the number 8832

07 Aug

5 months of intensive treatment have passed. Amelia has gone through a lot of pain and suffering already, through many trials, through 28 anesthesia. Many chemotherapies, steroids, drugs... 😭

On top of all this, Amelia is very mentally affected. All this painful treatment matured her surprisingly. 😣 She understands very well that she is not a healthy child... And this is an everyday struggle for her, a fight for life.

I, as a mother, ask you from the bottom of my soul to be with us, to carry Amelia in your prayers. And I ask from the bottom of my heart that you will help us with a distribution, so that we can meet the costs of treatment.

Any help counts and can give Amelia a chance at life. It's free to make a distribution to save Amelia! A simple cast can make all the difference and bring hope to her struggle. Thank! 🙏🏻🥹🩸

26 Jul

Good morning! We are now home until Monday.

On Monday we go to the clinic for Amelia's hospitalization, on Tuesday she will have a biopsy and chemotherapy in her spine. With God's help, we hope all is well. 🙏🏻
After this, a new treatment protocol will be restarted.

She was hospitalized last week, felt sick after chemotherapy. She also has big seizures from treatment, because it affected her mentally. Now it's a little better.

(Dorina Cara, Amelia's mother)

26 Jul

In the first 12 days since the launch of the SMS fundraising campaign for Amelia Cara, 1006  SMS of 2 euros were sent. 

Send an SMS with the text "AMELIA" to the number 8832

22 Jul

In the first 8 days since the launch of the SMS fundraising campaign for Amelia Cara, 788  SMS of 2 euros were sent. 

Send an SMS with the text "AMELIA" to the number 8832

17 Jul

In the first 3 days since the launch of the SMS fundraising campaign for Amelia Cara, 231 SMS of 2 euros each were sent.

Send an SMS with the text "AMELIA" to the number 8832

03 Jul

Hello! Today, Amelia again received Metrotexat chemotherapy directly into her bone marrow. She does not feel well, she is also changed in the face, the analyzes are low, she vomits.

He has nervous breakdowns lasting 1-2 hours. No one can calm her down! Today a neuropathologist will also come to see her condition. That's pretty much the situation at the moment.

(Dorina Cara, Amelia's mother)

24 Jun

Amelia is further are treatment with chemotherapy "Metrotexat" and blood transfusions. The health and tests of the little girl are not very good, and from a financial point of view, donations have decreased lately.

 We fear that we will not be able to have the necessary amount to save Amelia! Please join us in this fight both financially and morally. We need the prayers and good thoughts of all of you. 


15 Jun

Amelia today began a new treatment protocol. "M"

At 8:00 a.m., intrathecal chemotherapy was introduced, which was inserted directly into the spinal cord. After a few hours, intravenous chemotherapy began, namely "Metrotexate" which will be for 24 hours continuously.

God help, my little girl to be well, to get through these chemotherapy!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

15 Jun


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Campaign started on 14.06.2023

Name: Cara

First name: Amelia

Age: 2 years

Amount required: 240.000€

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia

The treatment will be performed at Medipol University Hospital, Turkey


Amelia Cara's story


Sometimes, when we think we have succeeded in life, that we are living our dream and nothing can overshadow our joy, life shakes us to our foundations and forces us to gain patience, perseverance and faith.

Dorina and Alexandru Cara, a young couple aged 25 and 26, had just finished their studies and left for the UK to make a future. They were overjoyed when Amelia, their first child, appeared in their family. But the joy didn't last long.

In February, the girl began to feel very sick.

He fell off his feet. Peach fever was eating every day and evening, no longer eating, lacking energy and in the mood for any activity. British doctors misdiagnosed her with an ear infection. I sensed that something was wrong, so I flew to Istanbul and did further tests. A few days later, doctors turned my world upside down — my sweet 2-year-old daughter has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, says Amelia's mother.

The despair in the parents' soul reached maximum levels, not only because of the diagnosis, but also because of the inability to pay for the treatments the little girl needs to survive cancer. In just one month, Dorina and Alexandru paid $ 41,000, thus exhausting all the financial resources they had.

In order not to die, their daughter must undergo 2 months of treatment and another 2 years of medical tests and check-ups, all meaning € 240,000, beyond the parents' possibilities.

It is very difficult for us to see our child struggling with this disease. We can't help her with anything except to be there for her all the days and nights when she feels pain and has a fever and cancer is eating away at her inside. I ask for the help of all people with good faith in God to save my baby to get through this difficult time, so that he can help us coverFrom the costs ahead, Amelia's mother asks us with hope.

Leukemia can be cured, but treatments are extremely expensive. Basically, medicine puts an exorbitant price on Amelia's life. How much is the life of an innocent soul worth, how much would we be willing to give to save a 2-year-old child who has done nothing wrong to anyone? Life doesn't have a price, but the world we live in sometimes forces us to pay for survival.

All those who understand or resonate with the suffering of this family can help them with any donation in the accounts of the "Save a heart" Association. Together we can raise the necessary amount for the healing of the little girl. Amelia must live, and we can give her that chance at life!


For donations:

Name of entity: Association "SAVE A HEART"

Tax identification number: 31015982

RON Account: RO05BTRL00701205W82870XX

EUR Account: RO28BTRLEURCRT00W8287001

USD Account: RO68BTRLUSDCRT00W8287001


BIC code: BTRL

Banca Transilvania Botoșani

Please specify in the bank transfer, in the payment details, the name Amelia Cara!