Andrei Caracu

Andrei Caracu

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Andrei Caracu

Active campaign 3 days

Campaign updates

29 Jul

Andrei had surgery and is now in intensive care. His condition is stable and specialist doctors will plan his treatment plan.

Thank you for joining us!

24 Jul

Greetings to all the friends who support us from the very beginning, who have been through all the hardships with our family. Today I write to you with great pain and suffering, with bitter tears. Unfortunately, not long ago we were able to enjoy good results. Andrei did the investigations scheduled and with regret, the doctors detected several injuries... Unfortunately the disease is back and again we need surgery. We're back to the initial stage and we have to start over.

We left our beloved children at home and came to fight for Andrei's life!

We, unfortunately, have not been able to return to normal, to recover financially as again we have to turn to you for help, in order to be able to collect the necessary amount of 9 500 dollars, for the operation.

Dear people, with faith in God, I implore you not to leave us alone this time, in this fierce battle.

It's far greater the pain of going through this nightmare a second time, which seems to us to be not over. Like every mother, I love my children so much but I had to leave everything, and fight this turnip again, because I really want my children not to be left without a father !!! Many of you know that the boy we've made and we can't betray this child.... Our children need both parents!

Please don't be indifferent, pity my children!

If you can, I beg you, help us !!! With deep respect,


04 Apr

Today I want to come up with good news, last week I went to Istanbul for investigations to see the results of the treatments, and we were surprised with a very good novelty, Andrei no longer has cancer and the oncologists and the surgeon were amazed by the results found,they did not expect that so quickly it was treated,the body is clean

Yet many times I have to thank you for your help, you have not only saved your life.

21 Oct

Andrei is feeling well at the moment will follow 42 sessions of radiotherapy and then for 3 months will take oral medication and will undergo monthly consultation in the first year.

Thank you from the heart!

12 Oct

Andrei has successfully moved on from the operation performed today. Momenttan is in intensive care and it will be a long and hard night. In the coming days the board of doctors will draw up the treatment plan that Andrei will carry out.

10 Oct

Following discussions with specialist doctors at the Emsey Hospital Clinic, the operation will take place on Monday if nothing intervenes by then. After surgery, the treatment plan will be made for the next period.

Let us correct our good thoughts and pray for Andrei's health.

Thank you for your support!

Campaign started on: 02.10.2020

Name: Caracu

First name: Andrei

Age: 39

Amount required: 22200 euro

Diagnosis:Ewing Sarcoma (CANCER)

Clinic where he will perform treatment: Emsey Hospital Clinic

Andrei's story

"Dear people, I come with a desperate message and with the great request to all people of good faith to help us save my husband. We are at a clinic abroad where Andrei was given the chance to get better. We left the kids at home for only 10 years and 8 years and started fighting for our daddy's life... only the operation can save him the cost of 22200 euros. We're put in a situation where we have no chance of saving our daddy on our own... Dear friends, please help me find people with a big heart who could help us with a modest amount for our husband's life. Any distribution of his story, any small donation to us is a step closer to saving my husband... we are far from home but with the hope that we too will have the chance to return to our children at home. The children cry every day for him and we here away from them are breaking our hearts in pain. We want to be healthy and have the power to move forward. Andrei needs each of us to be able to fight this fight, he needs our moral and financial support to be able to carry out the treatment.", is his wife's desperate message

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