Andreea Chee

Andreea Chee

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Andreea Chee

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24 Jul

Time and time again we have been asked what is harder for us in fundraising campaigns. The hardest thing for us is when we break up in this world with a child. The pain we feel, the lack of that child, the pain of the parents cannot be described in words. Today she went to heaven little Andreea after a long period of suffering her wiry little body gave way. May God place her in the mist of the Holy Martyrs.

"Cancer patients are martyrs!" -Father Efrem of Arizona

Sincere condolences to the family!

12 Jul

Probably among my last thoughts written here: my little girl is in intensive care, intubated. I'm sure she'll fight until she gets home.

May the good Lord save her from the worst, let us hear our prayer and all of us.


09 Jul

We would like to keep you up to date with Maya's current situation, but now time does not allow us, she constantly needs all our attention and love.
I'll leave you here for a little description of the past few days.
MAYA is not feeling well, we are in the hospital and we trust that we are in good hands, the results from the MRI are not what we expected. The progression of the tumor has brought with it the most undesirable symptoms, pneumonia by absorption, oxygen saturation under the limits of life, breathing with the help of oxygen, doctors keep telling us that at any time can be intubated and taken to intensive care, is on antibiotic treatment at 6 hours, we hope to have effect and go pneumonia so you can fulfill the desire to come home. But there's one thing I can't do to save my only daughter, the daughter who is my whole world: I don't have the ability to pay for the expensive treatment process. We haven't received the hospital costs at the moment, they said it's a minimum of 15 days in hospital at the moment.
I hold my little one in my arms and beg, please donate to help her and a share helps to reach people with a good heart.

We pray that the Good Lord will hear our prayer for her and all who pray for our little girl.

02 Jul

I cried! When I found out he had this brain tumor, I thought everything was lost!!!
302 days
5 operations
40 radiotherapy sessions
over 60 anathesis
She's strong, she's fighting!!! 🙏🙏🙏
After surgery (15 cm, compared to the original 5 cm) the plastic surgeon came up with good news: there will be no more problems with the skin in the shunt area. We're finishing and reirradiationing, On Tuesday we're doing the MRI control. We pray to the good Lord to have good news and results!🙏🙏🙏
May God enlighten doctors to do what is best!!!
Thank you for joining us!!!

29 Jun

Please help us to continue treatment! As you well know the wound opened from the first sessions of radiotherapy and we had to stop so we could operate again. This time, the operation will be performed by a plastic surgeon and we hope that after this we can resume the radiotherapy sessions. She'll have surgery on Thursday.

25 Jun

One thing I ask of the Lord and wish him hot:
Now, more than ever I know that miracles exist and that you must have hope to be able to move on. How could you move on if it didn't exist?
Today we had an episode where only parent not to be, the wound from the last operation opened, now it's stable, we don't know what's going to happen!!!
Could I dare dream that years from now she'll be a child again?! Yes, yes.
I hope and trust in God and his wonders.
We need you, dear people with a good heart!!

17 Jun

It's been a while since I've written to you, it's been a difficult time for Maya:
I had a week of radiotherapy, her body started to feel the treatment this time, side effects began to occur, because of the tumor and inflammation from radiotherapy, she could not eat, swallow, the oxygen saturation decreased a lot, the doctors made the decision to mount the nasogastric probe and increase the dose of cortisone For now, chemotherapy is starting to show its effect. We hope that its evolution will be as good as possible so that we can continue treatment and stop this tumor from growing and avoid a fairly invasive operation for her already weakened body.
Good health!

04 Jun

The venous port only goes, they managed after a few stings and a broken vein to put a bran for anesthesia.
They made the mask for radiotherapy, we have to stay with the same bandage at the surgery throughout the radiotherapy sessions, so the mask no longer fits.
Depending on her progress this week we'll see if she can do more radiotherapy sessions.
Most likely at the end of radiotherapy will follow and the intervention at the venous port (either removeit it or change its position).
After about an hour and she came back after this anesthesia, usually within 15 minutes she was awake.
On Monday we begin the radiotherapy sessions, with the hope that it will react well and we will be able to do the next week and will have the expected effect.
Lots of health
God help

29 May

On 28.05.2021 we had the operation in the shunt area, everything is fine, the skin had thinned so hard that you could see the device, unfortunately there is a risk of infection.
Now he's recovering from anesthesia, there were no problems with the shunt (replacement)
We'll be on antibiotic stake until Monday.

Campaign started on: 26.05.2021


First name: Maya Andreea

Age: 4 years

Amount required: 19500 euro

Diagnosis:: Infiltrating Tumor Brain Stem

Treatment will be performed by Medical Park Florya

The story of little Andreea Maya

No one should have to go through that!

Thus begin the story of the parents of a little girl of only 4 years old, cheerful, energetic and with a crazy mood to play.  Maya Chee was diagnosed in September 2020 with infiltrating glioma of the brain stem, a very aggressive form of cancer.

This little angel has already gone through several brain surgeries and dozens of sessions of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The battle with cancer was and remained a fierce one, and the small successes unfortunately turned into relapses.

After in December, at the check-up, everything seemed to be in line with doctors' expectations, last month the situation changed – Maya breathes harder and harder, can no longer eat, and the age-specific vivacity goes out as if by the day.

The little girl's parents have found hope in Turkey, but the costs of further interventions and treatments are well beyond the family's possibilities 19500 euros

We must no longer say that it is practically impossible to raise such an amount unless you have the help of those around you. As a result, Florin and Laviniabeg us not to leave them alone in this fight for their little girl's life and to help them each with as much as they can donate so that little Maya can survive the terrible disease.

Any donation made in the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association can change the little girl's destiny.


Donations can be made:

Entity Name: Association "SALVEAZA O INIMA"
Tax Registration Code: 31015982

Bank Account (IBAN):

RON Account: RO05BTRL00701205W82870XX

Euro Account: RO28BTRLEURCRT00W8287001




REVOLUT: 0752,753,540

Banca Transilvania Botosani

Please specify for bank transfer the name of the child -CHEE ANDREEA