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Ioana Efta

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11 Sep

Finally came the pathological result and little Ioana will not need chemotherapy Everything is fine and can go home continuing the treatment prescribed by doctors.

Thank you all for all your support!

31 Aug

Ioana has been moved from intensive care to the ward, her condition is stable and we are waiting for the results of the pathological tests so that a treatment plan can be established.


28 Aug

Ioana came out of the operation which lasted more than 6 hours. He will remain for three or four days on the intensive care unit. After the pathological result, the treatment plan for the next period will be established.

Thank you from the heart for your support!

28 Aug

Joan entered the operating room a few minutes ago. Emotions are high and hard to describe in words. My mother's words encouraged her to go to the room. The pain is indescribable in words considering that the diagnosis made by the spelias doctors is a terrible one: Cancer of the pancreas.

The "Save a Heart" Association did not remain indifferent to the little girl's suffering and paid in advance the amount of 10,000 euros in order to benefit from the operation as soon as possible.

We ask you from the bottom of my heart to contribute from your little so that we can complete this struggle.


Campaign started on: 27.08.2021
Name : Ioana Efta
Age: 10 years
Amount : 20000 euro (surgery)
Diagnosis : cancer of the pancreas
Clinic : Turkey

Ioana's story

When you find out about a man in the flesh that he got sick, you think that this is life, sooner or later we all get deteriorated in our health, but when a 10-year-old child writes to you that he suffers from a terrible disease, you shudder.

Ioana Efta recently found out that she has cancer of the pancreas. He felt unwell and began to lose weight, and after a check-up at the "Marie Curie" Hospital in Bucharest, the doctors diagnosed him and did not give him great hopes that he would get well.

You can imagine what was in the child's soul to find out that her life will end in a sad way, too early, before she can make plans for the future, before a first love, before everything that makes us human and makes life worth living...

Fortunately, the story doesn't have to have a tragic end. A ray of hope came from Turkey, where specialists from the MedicalPark Hospital in Istanbul can operate on Ioana and thus save her. It's just that this hope costs 20,000 euros, an unimaginable amount for the girl's parents. Costel and Viorica barely earn 2,000 lei per month, out of which they have to maintain two little girls.

My life is limited. Please, if you can, donate as little as possible. We are in a desperate situation. On Saturday they want me to operate but we don't have that amount. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to think about my life,Joan wrote to us, praying that we will help her achieve something that we should all have - the right to live.

This little girl is put in an impossible situation. In addition to the terrible disease, the lack of material possibilities of the parents practically closes the door to a normal life and sentences her to death.

Have you ever wondered how much a child's life is worth? You would say that it is invaluable and, therefore, any amount you donate to save this child would mean everything, because only together we can manage to raise the necessary amount for Ioana to have an extra chance. Any donation made in the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association can change Ioana's destiny!

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