Damian Felder

Damian Felder

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Damian Felder

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Campaign started on: 03.03.2021


First name: Damian Nicolas

Age: 2 months

Amount required: 14197 euro

Diagnosis:: Spinal Muscular Amyotrophy type1 (SMA) required for medical devices : bipap ,coughassis,pulsoximeter,humidifier

Treatment will be performed at Nicolae Robănescu-Bucharest Hospital

Damian's story

Illness and suffering generally come unexpectedly, like thieves. And, like robbers, they often strike at the most weak souls, lacking the ability to defend themselves.

This is how the disease struck in the life of Nicolas Damian Felder. The little boy was born on December 14 last year in the height of the pandemic and in just a few months his family noticed that something was wrong.

Until a month or so ago, they were all good and beautiful, but it was like something started to not like its development, it wasn't as active as the first child when it was a baby... Instead of starting to get more and more active, moving more, it was all the other way around. As the day went by, it seemed more and more lazy and "soft" was becoming, told us Bianca Felder, the baby's mother.

After much investigation came the news that no mother wants to hear about her baby: Damian has type 1 spinal amyotrophy, a genetic disorder that progressively attacks her muscles. The condition evolves rapidly in the absence of intensive treatment and devices designed to keep the little one alive.

We have unfortunately wasted a precious time before we find an accurate diagnosis, and this ruthless disease is acting quickly,says thewoman hardened by helplessness.

Bianca is 27 years old, she is a young mother with another 6-year-old boy, and to break the effects of the terrible disease she needs 14197 euros- a huge amount for a young family at the beginning of their life.

Between tears and hope, this is how the life of a couple who sees their child tormented more and more every day. We must also help these people ease the suffering of the innocent soufflé, by donating each as much as they can so as to raise the money needed to purchase the equipment that will keep Damian alive and the treatments he will need from now on.

Any donation made in the accounts of the Save a Heart Association can be a new beginning for Damian, a new beginning for this young family, a better future, more painless and afraid to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful and precious gifts they have received from life.

Donate to Damian! Together we can save him!


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Please specify for bank transfer the name of the child -FELDER DAMIAN