Alina Frâncu

Alina Frâncu

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Alina Frâncu

Active campaign 19 days

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03 Aug

We managed to find a rent in Bucharest , after many obstacles and quite difficult situations (I do not know if I told you that he had moved somewhere and the owners were very impressed with her case wanting to help, but the next day they panicked and asked him to leave immediately. we hope not to repeat the situation).

The kit came in yesterday from Germany and today we go to the medical lab to do the samples and send them back to Germany and thus get near the treatment! The clinic gave as an option and to do the treatment in the country under their guidance, with a nurse in the house (if August 30 turns out to be too late). It would start much faster and avoid the road. Let's see, let's see. Alina was telling me last night that all that was left was her esophagus, her neck muscles are like chewing gum...

17 Jul

Tomorrow is Alina's birthday. What can a man want most from life? Most of them we ask tell us they want to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately on Alina's birthday we all want to get well and enjoy life. But to get better he needs the support of all of us. Any donation is important for the treatment of the young woman.


Campaign started on: 14.07.2021

Name: Alina

First name: Frâncu

Age: 37

Amount required:36000 euro

Diagnosis:: Chronic Lyme disease. Or disease with 1000 faces

Treatment will be carried out in Germany

Alina Frincu's story

Alina Frâncu is 37 years old and the last 9 and spent her either lying in bed in terrible pain or in hospitals and clinics, trying to treat her after treatment.

After years of investigation, he received the diagnosis he suspected and which terrifies the whole world: chronic Lyme disease. Or the disease with 1000 faces, triggered by a tick bite.

The disease damaged his joints, muscles and nerves. Every day, Alina has terrible pains that even the morphine she spends day and night with can no longer alleviate. The neck muscles are paralyzed 70% so that it feels strangled. The tongue is half paralyzed. Alina is afraid that she will soon lose her ability to swallow and talk altogether, which she is now doing with great difficulty. Because of the damage to the nervous system, Alina feels burns in the head and pains like a knife in the back, up to the back of the neck. Swelling, dizziness, memory loss, chronic fatigue, sensitivity to light - are other symptoms of this cruel disease. After he manages to fall asleep with sleeping pills, he paralyzes his right hand and legs.

It's hard to imagine how Nine-year-old Alina has been fighting this creepy disease...

Alina sold everything she had – business, apartment, car – to cover the costs of the countless investigations and treatments she tried during 9 years of torment. In addition to hospitals in the country, he was also in private clinics in Italy, Turkey and Germany, but to no avail. Now Alina lives alone in a damaged house, left over from her grandparents. Due to financial shortages, it fails to maintain a proper diet. Physical pain is compounded by suffering that she is left alone by her family and lacks support.

Something has to change!

What else could save Alina? we wonder.

The rescue exists and consists of a treatment at a clinic in Germany, worth 36,000 euros. Together we can raise this amount and give Alina the life and joy of living! Alina was a fitness instructor and her wish is to return to the gym!

Our help, everyone's, is vital! urgent. Thank you from the heart!

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