Laura Fuiorescu

Laura Fuiorescu

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Laura Fuiorescu

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24 Jun

Laura began treatment with Keytruda receiving her third administration. Her general condition is not improved, she has a swollen leg and she can't use it. We hope that after this third he was managing Laura's condition to improve. She fights hard so she doesn't have to be an orphaned little girl.

27 Apr

Laura has better days, and worse days. Do daily analyses to check the level of leukocytes, which is low, because depending on it peoate begins treatment withKeytruda. It's currently around 3, and the minimum limit must be 4.


Campaign started on: 17.04.2021


First name: Laura

Age: 51 years (mother of a 7-year-old girl)

Amount needed: EUR 50000 (24000 euros managed to collect the family)

Diagnosis:: Cervical cancer

Treatment will be carried out in Romania at Coltea Hospital(Keytruda, a medicine to be given in 10 sessions, each costing 5,000 euros)

Laura's story

With the desperation of a single mother who wants to raise her child, not to become an orphan, please help me to buy life!

The disturbing words above belong to a woman who has gone from the greatest joy to the greatest fear and pain.

Laura Fuiorescu was at the height of her happiness when, at 43, she gave birth to Cristina, the long-awaited and much-loved little girl. She thought at the time that she had a fulfilled life, full of the happiness of seeing her child grow before her eyes, making her proud beyond measure with the specific loveof a little girl who takes the first steps in life. And so it was, at least for a few years...

Things changed radically in 2014 when Laura discovered she had cervical cancer. Although he had surgery and followed dozens of radiotherapy sessions plus countless checks over the next few years, the nightmare was not over. On the contrary, the situation has become more and more serious.

Last summer, a routine MRI revealed multiple liver tumors. The 51-year-old woman resumed treatment with cytostatics and hoped that maybe this time she would get rid of the terrible disease. Nothing seems to have worked, as last month the last MRI showed liver, bone and lymphatic metastases.

Oh, no! I'm on death row,Laura said with tears in her eyes, thinking of the little girl she loves more than anything in the world. There is, however, one last hope for her - a targeted immunotherapy treatment. It is called Keytruda, a medicine that must be given to him in 10 sessions, each costing 5,000 euros. Because it's not settled by the state, Laura has to raise the money herself and she has to do it quickly, because the stage of cancer is already advanced.

How to raise 50,000 euros from a monthly income of 1300 lei representing sick leave she being on an accountingbasis? Where do I get that much money? It is absolutely impossible, but not if we stand in solidarity with her situation, if we help her together, through our donations, to try the last train of life - to have the last chance to survive and see her daughter grow up.

Make a miracle for two hearts to beat with each other, help a child have a mother! No one in this world will love, protect and caress her as her mommy does! With all hope and faith in a miracle, thank you!


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