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David Ienci

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10 Nov

Since yesterday I started piano classes as a way of recovery for the development of both brain hemispheres. Thank you with all our hearts! All the recovery processes we do we owe it to you! 🙏🙏🙏 

If you had not helped us and been by our side, it would not have been possible. May the good God give you a long and healthy life to continue to be the guardian angels of these children who so desperately need you! 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you! 

(Cristina Oporanu, David's mother)

02 Sep

I've gone through one more round, which is the fourth round of chemotherapy in protocol B well. The good God is always with us and we thank from the heart for all the help of all the people with a good heart. Thank you and you, Mr. Vlad, for all your kindness that for almost a year you have been with us step by step and supported us in our hardest moments. You are a wonderful man, as proof that you have saved a child soul from the thousands so far. 

And if this soufflé last year during this time he was in a wheelchair, this year my miracle goes on his feet and he can also go to the opening of the school year to meet his colleagues and the lady teacher, even if it is currently only about the first day, because at the moment because of the treatment he does not allow us daily and on the 6th we will return in Cluj-Napoca for further treatment. He is excited and happy and for me that matters a lot. His happiness is for me an immense happiness. Thank you wholeheartedly!!

We know that the road is still long and we are still struggling with motor recovery therapies, etc., but as long as we have the Good God in our soul and you with us and last but not least a whole community of people with a good soul, we are confidently moving forward!!

(Cristina Oporanu, David's mother)

15 Jun

We started the other chemotherapy protocol again and we're still going with the motor recovery. David is amazing!

It is very difficult with so many cluj-napoca-Timisoara roads and return and runs to recovery, when the analyzes allow us and do not decrease too much. Sometimes we have to run to Cluj again for transfusions. He bears them heroically, I am very proud of him!

I know we have a long and hard road, with a lot of torment, and we need your help.

(Cristina Oporanu, David's mother)

25 Mar

David has started the medical recovery sessions and from next week they will also undergo hydrotherapy procedures.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us!


12 Mar

David today pulled the bell that represents that half of the fight against cancer has passed well.

In Romania until 24.12.21 he did chemotherapy, from 27.01.22 in Germany he did  6 doses of chemotherapy with vincristine and 30 sessions of protonoterapie.si as far as I was told these days we still have 8 cycles of chemotherapy in Cluj-Napoca.

01 Feb

Thank you god we are well, we arrived on January 13th in Germany, followed a whole series of meetings with the evaluation doctors a rather demanding period in which he explained to us what David's treatment consists of and the benefits and all at once the risks. Because it is not a simple treatment,chemotherapy and proton therapy are needed. He does chemotherapy once a week and 30 sessions of proton therapy following the mask procedure in which he had to undergo anesthesia because he did not bear and gave us few emotions for a few good seconds he did not breathe properly. After all the procedures I had the two weeks of waiting,and on the 27th he had the first cure of chemotherapy and on the 28th the first proton therapy,did for two days the temperature probably of the chemotherapy but now it is okay.. Today we had the second session of proton therapy but at the moment we do not manage to do without anesthesia and each time I have a heart as big as a purece until it wakes up from anesthesia. The first hour is a little uglier because his head hurts but he being a champion and a fighter we pass well. We are waiting to complete the 30 sessions and victorious to draw the final bell of treatment. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support and for being close to us in this fight so that we can succeed in being winners🤗🙏

Campaign started on: 03.01.2022


First name: Ienci

Age: 8 years old

Amount required: 20000 euro

Diagnosis:: MEDULOBLASTOMA of the posterior fossa with meningeal metastases

The treatment will be carried out in Germany

David's story

A single mother makes a desperate appeal to all those who can extend a helping hand to her. Oporanu Cristina no longer knows how to make her survive from one day to the next and, at the same time, to raise a very large amount to save her child.

David Ienci was a perfectly healthy little boy until last February, when some headaches alerted his mother that something was wrong. In July, the situation worsened, and although the usual analyses showed that nothing was suspicious, David was feeling worse.

Arriving urgently at the hospital, the boy was operated on. My mother hoped that the problem had been solved, but the reality made that it was just the beginning of the ordeal. A word uttered by doctors shattered her peace of mind and threw her into a whirlwind of emotions, fear and hopelessness - medulloblastoma. The diagnosis started a countdown, both for the 44-year-old woman and for David. She urgently has to raise 20,000 euros, otherwise her only child will die from the cancer that engulfs her brain.

In order to have a chance at life, the child must urgently get to Germany, to a hospital where proton therapy is performed, a special procedure by which malignant cells are attacked, but which cannot be performed in Romania.

Since he got sick, I had to quit work. We have also exceeded the holidays, and at the moment the only income is his allowance and the help of his relatives, david's mother told us.

Together we can save this little boy and this hard-pressed family. Any donation made in the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association can mean life for David. Only with our help, mother and son can break through in this struggle for survival!


Donations can be made:

Entity name: Association "SAVE A HEART"
Tax registration code: 31015982

Bank account (IBAN):

RON Account: RO05BTRL00701205W82870XXX

Euro Account: RO28BTRLEURCRT00W8287001




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