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Patrick Ionesc

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Campaign updates

29 Sep

Another victor, a fighter who went through many difficult times when he was supposed to be in the play park but he was in the hospital. 

Congratulations, Patrick! Congratulations to his family for the patience, sacrifices and strength with which he resisted to see his cub healed. 

Congratulations to the team of pediatric hematologists from Istanbul University Hospital Medical Park Bahcelievler! 

We also thank Mr. Vlad Pie, the man with a big heart who supported the donation campaign during the treatment. 

And last but not least, we thank everyone who donated or at least distributed!

31 Aug

📢Hello, everyone! 😊
It's been a while since I haven't said anything about Patrick, since I haven't done any public news about his condition, I want to apologize for that, but all this has happened because I've only tried to dedicate myself to him in all this time and I've only responded to people who asked me in private. 

Patrick is fine, he's far from fully recovered but he's much better than he was a few months ago and we're on the right track. 

As for the medical evolution, he still has a very complex treatment that helps him and keeps him under control, even if his dose of pills has been halved, he is given everything he needs for his body to return to normal, and so far the doctors are optimistic that everything will be fine ❤️🙏

Today we have 30 days since he was doing physiotherapy, and now progress is being seen. Patrick walks better, walks more without getting tired, gets up on his own from below, out of bed, manages to climb a few stairs, can ride his bike... All these things before physiotherapy had to be done by someone with him, being impossible for him to do them himself. 🙏 

In short, Patrick is mostly fine, there are still times when he has a little fever or accuses waves of pain, but all this happens quite rarely and is carefully controlled by doctors. 🙏 

Next, Patrick does physiotherapy (150€/hour) and we go to the check-up about 2 times a week (350€/day) to assure the doctors that his condition is good and that the analyzes begin to increase, since this is the important point - raising the values in the blood count. 

My family and I thank you from the bottom of my heart once again for all your help to this little fighter. Everything was possible thanks to you and I wish you to receive back 10 times more! 🙏🙏❤️

(Dennis Ionesc, Patrick's brother)

26 Jul

Today we had the first hour of physiotherapy to restore the muscles of the 30 sessions that follow. 🙏❤️ Slowly, slowly, we will recover our powers, we will gain strength in the legs and we are doing well to run together for Patrick.  ❤️🦵💪

Patrick recovers, is continuously supervised by hospital staff, and becomes more and more energetic every day. 🤗 The 2 weeks at home caught them very well and lifted his morale significantly. 🙏❤️

We love you all, Patrick hugs you with love and thanks you enormously through every smile he has on his face thanks to you! 🥺🥰

(Dennis Ionesc, Patrick's brother)

09 Jun

Patrick Ionesc was discharged. It feels somewhat good, but hardly endures the post-transplant period. He does regular check-ups at the hospital and is meticulously monitored by the specialists of the marrow transplant ward. 

07 May

📢📢Hello beautiful people! 🙏

Yesterday on 05.05.2022 Patrick-Gideon was discharged to our accommodation in Istanbul.🥰 Patrick's analyzes went from 0 and now they are improving from one day to the next and the doctors decided it was time to be with us at the apartment ❤️

❗Patrick's health is good but sensitive ... he also has good moments and less good moments throughout the day because he still complains of pain, he still vomits sometimes (normal things for the period he goes 🙏through)

❗Now we have a long list with some very important rules to follow , rules in connection with the disinfection of the apartment and with a very strict proper hygiene , to protect Patrick's body from any infection and possible microbes 🙏

💌Patrick follows a special treatment, with a certain dosage for each drug, which changes every time depending on the new results of the medical tests from the control (we will return to the hospital for analysis and control every 2 days)😊

💝Patrick loves you all and thanks you for being with him so far and asks you to do it from now on , you are wonderful 🙏❤️ Lord help 🥰

05 May

In the 21 days since the launch of the sms fundraising campaign for Patrick Ionesc, 1456 SMS of 2 euros each were sent. 

Send an SMS with the text "PATRICK" to the number 8832

27 Apr

In the first 12 days since the launch of the fundraising campaign via SMS for Patrick Ionesc, 1226 SMS of 2 euros were sent.

Send an SMS with the text "PATRICK" to the number 8832!

20 Apr

 Together we succeeded! PATRICK has all the amount needed to pay for the transplant, 80,000euro.

We wish Patrick much, much health and to come back in the group with only good news. He will remain in Turkey for a few more months to ensure that the transplant is accepted by the body. We can't wait to see pictures of him at play, as is normal for him to spend the rest of his childhood.


18 Apr

In the first 3 days since the launch of the fundraising campaign by SMS for Patrick Ionesc, 453 SMS of 2 euros were sent. 

Send an SMS with the text "PATRICK" to the number 8832! 

15 Apr

Send an SMS to


So far, the following have been sent: 



* The SMS number 8832 is valid between April 15, 2022 and May 14, 2022. The amount allocated to the case is 2 Euro. No VAT is charged on donations on the subscription. In Telekom, Orange and Digi Mobil networks, for prepaid cards, VAT was withheld when purchasing the loan. For donations from prepaid cards, Vodafone network, users do not pay VAT. Number offered for free with the support of save a heart association

11 Apr

We're finally coming up with good news!!!

We are approaching the amount needed for little Patrick, so far the family has collected the sum of 61,000 euros.


06 Apr

I didn't raise all the money but Patrick didn't have time to wait. The transplant was done a few hours ago and we have to raise another 69,000 euros to pay for it.

There follows a very difficult period in which Patrick's body will fight to accept the transplant, a month with many hardships awaits us, a month that will decide the fate of my brother.

Today everything happened fast forward, we were taken by surprise by how quickly everything unfolded and only now I was able to write.

Lord, please take care of my brother, please, let me take him home, his house is not the hospital, his house is with me and my parents. Please, Lord, let him grow with me! I promise to be with him all my life and guide him in life as I know better. Please, Lord!

Please, wonderful people, please help me raise the money to pay for the transplant. We managed to raise 10,965 euros out of the 80,000 euros.

I thank you with all my heart for every lion donated.

05 Apr

I came next to my brother, there was a need for a second attendant, and the dear one of him had to choose between me and my father, of course he definitely chose me  so said and done, I finally got to Patrick, after many disinfection filters, after an exchange of disinfected clothes I received the agreement to go inside to him , Although Patrick does not say he feels that something is wrong , he feels that his body is suffering and I saw in his eyes the sadness that involuntarily told me "Denis , take me home". 

As a gift of visit I brought him a toy, a truck with cars that he liked a lot but did not play with him because he said " I'm tied in these wires with infusions and in the machines, I can not even play ... "Poor man, all he wants is to get rid of the hospital, to get rid of infusions, of stings, of analyzes, of medicines, of all the things that make him feel that he has a burden on his shoulders .

Today I came with him, because tomorrow morning the marrow will be harvested from my mother and she will stay for a few days in a separate ward until he recovers, taking care of my little and beloved brother  today is the last day of chemotherapy, tomorrow you will receive the transplant, today is the last day of the medicines that you, Patrick do not support, that make you dizzy, to be tired and to hurt your tummy, the analyzes are close to 0, your body is around the aplasia, everything to be able to receive in as much safety as possible the marrow transplant.

Let's all pray to the good god that Patrick will be well, the transplant will succeed and the stem cells will be accepted by his body and that the recovery will be as fast as possible so that in a short time I will enjoy again this miracle called brother 

02 Apr

For two days Patrick has been hospitalized on the transplant ward and from today he started chemo-therapy💊 , a cure of cytostatics that lasts a week ... A week in which my brother and his body are going to go through many excruciating stages, through many investigations until his body reaches total aplasia , when the blood tests are going to be very low (the blood count must approach all its values "platelets, neutrophils, hemoglobin , leukocytes, white and red blood cells etc" all as close to 0) 😔❤️

👉It is a difficult challenge, a stage in which both we, the family👪 and all acquaintances and close friends, pray 🙏 that Patrick will get over both chemo-therapy for transplant preparation and for the transplant itself 💙

📢🙏Specialist doctors of Medical Park Bahceliver❗ Hospital announced today that while Patrick is doing chemo-therapy, the mother (donor) will also be ready, she will receive treatment so that her body will develop more hematopoietic stem cells, and if everything goes according to Patrick's expectations today in a week she will benefit from the event that will change her life for the better, the transplant that's going to turn😔 #suferința💔 and #tristețea into #sanatate and #bucurie🥰🙏 "So Patrick, don't be sad... Soon the sun will come out on our street as well", ❤️☀️❤️

28 Mar

❗Summary of today ❗ 28.03.2022 , the day Patrick was hospitalized on the transplant ward 🙏

🙏It came and today , after a night full of thoughts and prayers , I woke up one morning that I never wanted to imagine , much less to happen ...🥺

💙Everything was full of excitement and sadness , from the moment of the morning when we had to cut Patrick not to see that his hair was falling out after chemotherapy... Until the moment we parted at the elevator door ❤️

❤️After we finished packing , disinfecting and packing everything we got down to the car that was waiting for us to go to the hospital .

On the car I had a conversation with Patrick who again took my breath away... To change the subject, I asked Patrick what he wanted to do when he was big to which he replied "I want to become a doctor" and when I asked him the reason he said "because I want to take care of you to treat you and never break up" 😭❤️🙏

🙏🔸We arrived at the hospital , where the atmosphere changed , even Patrick began to feel the tension in our💔 souls ... We waited together, we played and held each other in our arms all the time until the moment someone came to do his hospitalization, we climbed into the elevator (the only ones who went to the 10th floor, the most sterile and disinfected floor in the whole building) we got upstairs where I had to separate from💔🥺 Patrick, we got out of the elevator and stepped into the small corridor that separated the transplant section with the waiting area. I let myself down to hug him, at which point without anyone telling him anything Patrick took his mask off and kissed me on the cheek💋 , I held him in my arms, I promised him with tears in my eyes that everything would be fine and that we would return home 🥺 together, although no matter how much

I tried to be loud and not cry , Patrick felt me and , his lips trembled with emotions ❤️😭

I wished that those moments when I stood embraced would never end, my soul was torn into hundreds of pieces, his sad gaze and his eyes in tears made me wish with all my heart to get myself there and to be me the one whose life hangs by a thread of thread, not he 🥺💙 after a few seconds / minutes heard the sound of the elevator that arrived and I knew that that's the moment when I have to turn my back and pray to God that everything will be fine, I once again took him hard in my arms , I kissed him and I had no words and strength not even to greet him , I just made them by hand.😔

The moment the elevator doors were closed I would have our eye contact to be interrupted , I burst into tears , I do not understand why he has to go through this and what he did wrong ...😭😭❤️ My heart at this moment is incomplete 💔 , it is torn by pain and the only thing that can fix it and make it complete again is the phone of the doctor who announces that Patrick has passed the transplant with good , has fully recovered and is ready to come home❤️ 🫶🙏❤️ until then these weeks until he goes over all , I will not be able to find my peace in any way🥺

❗❗🔉🔉Now it's time to ask you and to beg you again, the people who are with me, what's helping us and praying for us to share this post, to make the case as well known as possible around the world within the limits of possibilities and to donate as much as possible, any amount, because any amount donated is an extra drop of happiness for my family and an extra chance at Patrick's life because now Patrick has entered this ward and now more than ever he needs donations , he needs the full amount of money for the doctors to bring to a happy end the entire intervention , thank you 🙏height="16" referrerpolicy="origin-when-cross-origin" src="" width="16" />❤️❗❗🔉🔉

25 Mar

‼️HUMANITARIAN‼️ ANNOUNCEMENT We are waiting for you and please support us in this action!
Let's come together and mobilize for little 👱‍♂️Patrick💙 who needs as many of us as possible to help him with the little we have.🤝
The store #PaschaSecondhand by #ElfriedeErdei together with partners from #CămaracuArome and #CramaDradara are preparing a charity 🎁sale for Patrick. Certain packages and products that can be purchased by you and the money will go to little Patrick.
All these products will be exhibited at the #PaschaSecondHand, on the street with hotel Tivoli.
For those who do not know Patrick's sad story, we attach a link below and hope that you will be moved by the words written there as we were.😞
😇Thank you in advance and we are waiting for you in as many numbers as possible!😇

25 Mar

Patrick enters the transplant ward tomorrow and urgently needs that pennies 🥺🙏

Given that the donor will be the mother, the  transplant costs reach 80,000 euros.

24 Mar

Hello , yesterday I was again with my brother at the medical park bahceliver clinic , where it was discovered (it was confirmed) that indeed the mother is compatible with Patrick in the percentage of 90 and certainly she will be the donor. On Friday Patrick has to go and be given infusions of platelets and erythrocytes and at 15:00 Patrick has an appointment with the dentist because in order to be able to transplant his body must have no infection , no inflammation, not even a single caries because they can all lead to complications  so, Patrick has 2 teeth to remove , a caries to treat and a few channels to sloppy. After that next week, other interventions will follow , other investigations both to him and to his mother. 

The hospital management said that we must make bank transfers as soon as possible in order to pay off part (an advance) of the necessary amount , so the need for money has increased enormously and everything is very urgent

21 Mar

I am writing you these lines because today I was at the hospital with my brother and I found out news , at 2/3 processes of analyzing the blood samples collected from the parents it came out that the mother would be a compatible donor, there is only one more stage to analyze to be convinced that the mother is suitable to be the stem cell donor, a good news because , the more related the donor is to the patient, the lower the chances of complications). Today they have started some of the multitude of analyzes and checks that have to be done to both Patrick and his mother , Patrick was today at the cardiological control, at the X-ray, at the ENT , at the ophthalmological control, at the dentist because he does not have to have any infection before the transplant (not even a caries ), to the endocrinologist and many other offices in the Turkish clinic Medical Park bahceliver . 

The most important conclusion is that the steps for transplantation and the necessary steps have begun to start in force and our need for money as urgently as possible has increased SIGNIFICANTLY, the hospital management has already informed us that the coming days will follow an invoice with the costs of all the analyzes that need to be done and of some medical services before the transplant and that we will have to do our best to pay as soon as possible to enter Patrick to transplant! So we urgently ask you desperate for help 

19 Mar

Our story continues in Turkey, in the Medical Park Bahceliver Istanbul clinic, where our hope is taking shape, he went through an intervention in which he was intubated for the installation of a venous catheter and through a biopsy (bone marrow puncture) through which a sample of marrow from his back was collected in order to be able to establish exactly the deficiencies that his marrow suffers from. It has been found that the marrow is drying out , that the diagnosis received "unfortunately" is correct and that Patrick absolutely needs a stem cell transplant, for which blood samples have been collected from both parents, in the hope that it turns out to be one of them compatible. If the parents are not going to be compatible, then a foreign donor is resorted to, a donor who will be scanned in the first phase among Turkish citizens and then throughout the world, a process that can be quite sustainable.

Living conditions are unfavorable to the child's disease it requires to stay in a room as sterile as possible away from bacteria , from viruses even the smallest speck of dust can harm them but even if the conditions where we stay are "very modest" at the moment , the cheapest room available that we found costs 40 € per day, given the rent of 1240 euros for a single month in the most unfavorable conditions

Now the little boy receives regular blood transfusions once every 2 days, in order to be able to keep his analyzes afloat, receives treatment to help his body fight the infections that, could be fatal to him, even the slightest febrile state or the unsupervised cold can be fatal for his body , because of the severe neutropenia ...

The little boy, even though he is at a young age, he is aware of everything that happens to him, he often asks questions "what have I put in the neck here? Mommy takes it out that hurts me..." And many more , not infrequently says that he wants to be with the family , and that life in hospitals can not be called a life of man ... I am his brother and one night before we fell asleep he began to cry and be agitated and when his mother asked him what had happened , he said to her in the following way "my mother I thought that if I die I will miss my brother Denis very much , I do not want to die "these words hurt deep in our heart of the family the child was diagnosed and with a heart condition, Long Qt Syndrome, a condition that has to do with the frequency of the heartbeat and that is currently under control by treatment, but Patrick knows all these things and asks "what happens to my heart, when we go home, why do I have to live my life in hospitals

Campaign started on: 14.03.2022

Name: Ionesc

First name: Patrick

 Age: 6 years

Required amount: 130000 euro 

Diagnosis::myelodysplastic syndrome, that is, his bone marrow does not produce blood cells optimally.

The operation and treatment will be performed in Turkey at the Medical Park Clinic

Patrick's story

You would say that after years of telling about countless diseases and sufferings that children are tormented with nowadays, at some point you get used to it and accept that, simply, this is the reality. But it's not like that at all! Life always shows you thousands and thousands of kinds of problems with which the most frail among us are tormented, and you are never prepared for how much these innocent souls are forced to endure.

When Nicoleta and Petru Ionesc from Lugoj wrote to us about their son, Patrick, I thought for a moment about his fear of injections. Any child is afraid of stings, but for him, the doctors' syringes meant an attempt to save his life. Those needles brought both pain and hope.

For half a year, the 6-year-old child endured a lot of analyzes until the specialists from Timisoara came to the conclusion that he suffers from myelodysplastic syndrome, that is, his bone marrow does not produce blood cells optimally.

Ultima puncture confirmed that the marrow is sick and begins to dry out. The blood count is maintained with low values, persistent thrombocytopenia and severe neutropenia. During his admission to the hospital, he was given prednisone and injectable dexamethasone , as a result of which no improvements were observed. At the biopsy, the cellularity was greatly reduced (20%). The only recommended healing treatment is stem cell transplantation from a foreign donor, the boy's mother told us.

Given his dire situation, Patrick's parents decided to go with him to Turkey, where there is a ray of hope. There, the doctors made all the necessary investigations for him, according to which he was going to establish the steps of the treatment.

Being a private clinic abroad, the costs are very high. Only the beginning analyzes mean 6,500 euros, and for a real chance at healing, the Ionesc family should raise over 100,000 euros. The sums are exorbitant for a couple of modest people, who still have a child and live only from what Peter earns from his tinsmithing works.

For this little boy to be saved, we need our donations. Any amount transferred to the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association can be an extra chance at life for Patrick!


Donations can be made:

Entity name:  Association "SAVES A HEART"
Tax registration code:  31015982

Bank account (IBAN):

Ron account: RO05BTRL00701205W82870XX

Euro account: RO28BTRLEURCRT00W8287001




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Please specify for bank transfer the name of  the child -PATRICK IONESC