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Ivanov Iarina

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22 Aug

Today, Iarina took flight from the arms of her parents to the arms of God.
Iarina remains a story of innocence, courage, perseverance. It remains a story of kindness and creativity. Perhaps her desire to travel has gone beyond the journeys that can please the eye of the common mortal and embarked on a longer expedition in which her soul can encompass the whole Earth from a hug.
Iarina is a story about the breath of the sun and the gentle light of the moon, bedding in lively and colorful drawings. Iarina became a rainbow in the light.
With thanks from the parents for all the support and with the hope that Iarina's story will continue to teach us about the joy of life, the page can remain a place to tell about the beauty of traveling, of contributing to the creation and maintenance of life in all its forms through every gesture of ours.

Sincere condolences to the family!

09 Aug

NOARK ELECTRIC contributed 8000 RON for Iarina Ivanov.

We thank them for their financial support!

04 Aug

Those who know Iarina do not wonder that she fights, because she came into the world with a force that she did not tell, but showed her through everything she did and does. You may have seen by now how talented she is at drawing, but you have not yet seen her joy for life and for the world in which she was born. It seems to be beyond what we manage to understand. In fact, it has already contradicted the prognosis of doctors.

Their loved ones wait patiently to see their eyes open and tell them the story of this journey, which from the outside seems full of suffering. This patience of her loved ones comes from her presence, that otherwise there are worries, anxieties, fears, agony and ecstasy, all put in his service tomorrow. Of a tomorrow in which we, those who try to be with them, hope that Iarina will be able to embrace their soul with palms and tell them: "We have succeeded". With loved ones by your side. With us, those of us who thought of her and gave her encouragement and thoughts of support.

28 Jul
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The Save a Heart Association paid today the amount of 30455 RON according to the attached payment order.


Our fight continues!

12 Jul
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The Save a Heart Association paid today  the amount of 7980 RON according to the attached payment order.


Our fight continues!

07 Jul
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The Save a Heart Association also paid today the amount of 30453 RON according to the attached payment order.


Our fight continues!

28 Jun

Iarina's childhood world, full of unicorns with braided pigtails or white horsemen, continues, although it still cannot be expressed in new words or drawings. Although we have gone through a more difficult time, we would like to thank you for your contribution to increasing our hope for normal days. With the help of your support, Iarina started a new treatment that helped her react to external stimuli, being for us and for the doctors an extraordinary progress. We hope to receive and be able to give you good news soon, with the MRI he will do after the last two cures in this series of treatments.

Thinking about what Iarina can once transmit to you, we invite you to step into her colorful and beautiful world through the drawings that express so well her vision of life and the optimism of such precious moments for us. Iarina's progress makes us optimistic, makes us have courage and hope that it will be good.

Thank you in advance for your support, because you are with us and we hope that one day, our little one can thank you personally. Thank you together for joining us!

(Alina Ivanov, mother of Yaina)

04 Jun

I am Iarina and I really like to draw, to enjoy every moment. I knew that my mother was a hero, through the love with which she always cared for people, but I did not know that I would ever know her patience and the power to encourage me, now that this unfair illness has been trying for several months to steal my right to life. I learned about myself that I am a hero, because from every moment with my mother, who does not cease to hope, I can build even more hope that it will be good, even if it is not easy for us now. Mommy and I, we now need support, so that our fight is sealed by a story about life and courage, which we can share together, with a smile on our faces and with gratitude, on a simple day with more sunshine.

04 Jun

I like to dream and lay out my dreams in color. The most beautiful world is the one where you can daydream about. I want to step into that colorful world where I can look at you and thank you for helping me come back with my loved ones. Because now I'm better. Now I can breathe on my own, although some time ago I needed help to be able to breathe. Now I hear mommy and slowly move my eyes to know that her warmth and hope are reaching my soul. I want to step into a world away from the noises of appliances, a world full of laughter of children in which I can run and thank the planet for breathing its air. I want that world where I can hug my parents and thank them for trusting me and my chance at life.

My father is Ioan Ivanov and we thank you, together, for joining us.

Campaign started on 03.0 6.2022

Name: Ivanov

First name: Iarina

Age: 14 years

Amount required: 5.000€ monthly (35000 euro needed  for treatment for a period of 6 months)

Diagnosis: Brain tumor

The treatment will be carried out in Iasi


Iarina's story


From alively little girl who knew how to enjoy everything she did, the disease turned her into a child whose dream it is now to be able to see the sun, to be able to touch the flowers, to trample thecold grass with her foot.b>...

This is how 14-year-old daughter Alina Ivanov describes herself, after Iarina was diagnosed with brain cancer last summer. The disease began suddenly, with vomiting, drowsiness and difficult gait.

It's hard to describe in words how you go from hope to despair and vice versa, trying to seem strong, to yourself and to her, says the woman.

The formation was removed at the Emergency Hospital in Cluj, but the girl's condition continued to deteriorate. Atthe endof February, Iarina was in serious condition, could no longer move, began to swallow with difficulty andcould not speak.

The picture that was taking shape in front of us was not a very optimistic one, and despite being in a coma, under an experimental treatment from Germany, Iarina began to breathe on her own and answer us when we talk to her by movingher leg or eyes. Whenthere seemed to be no hope, things began to improve, which is why we want to continue the treatment, says the girl's mother.

Iarina wants to it fulfills his dreams by his own strength, but for this he needs all our support.

As parents we want to do everything in our power to help our child, but unfortunately the costs of treatment are currently about 5. 000 euros per month and we do not know what will come next, because doctors are the ones who decideto treat the ment, which can be adjusted according to needs, says Iarina's father, Ioan Ivanov.

The parents of this child are financially overtaken by the costs of treatment, which they have hardly been able to pay so far. In order to be able to give their little girl the therapies she needs, the Ivanovs desperately need our support. Any donation made to the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association gives Iarina an extra chance at life. Through our solidarity, the little girl can defeat cancer and return to a normal childhood. Be with Iarina!


For donations:

Entity name: Association "SAVE A HEART"

Tax registration code: 31015982

Ron account: RO05BTRL00701205W82870XX

EUR account: RO28BTRLEURCRT00W8287001

USD account: RO68BTRLUSDCRT00W8287001


BIC code: BTRL

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