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Adelina Lup

Active campaign 19 days

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25 Aug

Adelina has made progress thanks to your support, people with a good heart. Many hours of therapies daily at the Hyperbaric Clinic. We kindly ask you to continue to be with us. We pray to God daily that Adelina will recover and that she will also be able to enjoy her childhood like other children.🙏💗

22 Mar

When I cry in my heart it's the moment when something presses me, it's invisible to others.. where apparently I'm fine but the world seems to be crumbling around me.. where the pain is deaf, mute and blind... When I cry in my heart no one knows no one sees and no one believes... It's not clear to me what exactly is bothering me and what I'm afraid of... everything that has gathered in me seems to overwhelm me, but I continue to smile at the world and carry out my achievements, to hide the fears and thoughts that create chaos within me... I don't even know if I'm okay today, I feel vulnerable and I sigh like all the air around me has suddenly evaporated and I'm struggling in vain to find solutions.... I'm starting to think about you... wonderful people with a big heart who have contributed to all our activities and smile, because you all know that we will win the battle... It's our battle, we're the winners, and thanks to you, we'll be the loser.... I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your financial support, thanks to you we are here and we will move on.❤️

03 Feb

What can be in the soul of a parent who receives for his child the diagnosis of Patau syndrome or Trisomy 13?

How many thousands of hours of therapy does it take to become independent a child with this syndrome incompatible with life?

I received the challenge of life in a beautiful, delicate, sensitive and special little girl like a flower.

A little girl whose needs are different from children of an age with her.

A little girl who enjoys more of a therapy session than a doll.

A little girl who taught us patience, who made us better and who showed us the power of love.

A little girl who makes us happy by her mere existence and despite the diagnosis, grows and makes progress thanks to God and your support.

I started #vojta_therasuit_spider_deglutițietherapies.

On the recommendation of the therapist I ordered orthotics that help the little one to increase the legs evenly.

Thank you very much for everything, for every advice and support, for donations, for understanding, hope and faith, and I really appreciate your attention.

Campaign started on: 19.11.2020

Name: Wolf

First name: Adelina Cristina

Age: 3 years

Amount required: 44100 euro (required amount for a period of 3 years of treatment and recovery .1224 euro/month)

Diagnosis: Trisomy 13-Patau Syndrome

Clinic where he will perform the operation and treatment: Hyperbara-OXIMED Clinic

The story of Adeline Wolf

I am such a wonderful creature,King David, the one of whose lineage Christ was born (Psalms 138:14), said thousands of years ago, referring to the complexity of the human body.

Our body is made up of over 200 cell types, a total of about 100 trillion! They all have their purpose, and the network they form cannot even be compared to the current internet.

This fascinating universe is based on only two cells, which unite at the moment of conception. In very few cases, this moment can be the starting point of a deviation from normal development - Patau syndrome.

One in 10,000 babies is born with an extra chromosome, a condition also known as "Trisomy 13". Because of her, the child is born with numerous physical and mental malformations. The bones of the head develop abnormally, as does the face and eyes. 80% of cases have severe congenital heart abnormalities.

Such a problem has also arisen, the Wolf family, where Adelina must be carried everywhere by the mother, for she alone cannot move. The 3-year-old and 3-month-old girl are among the few children with Trisomy 13 who survive the age of 1 year, the disease being extremely ruthless! Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, at least for now. But there are treatments and interventions that can make life easier for the patient and his family.

The Wolf family has been going through a drama for more than three years that none of us can really imagine. Words are superfluous when it comes to seeing your child in a scary state. You can smile as a parent, you can play with your daughter, but deep down the suffering burns with power.

What do you do in such a situation? Capitulati and wait for the last moment? What could we do in a case like this? Do we turn our eyes and see each other away from life? Or do we reach out a helping hand to rid parents hard to even try on the financial burden on their exhausted shoulders?

To have an easier life, Adelina needs 1224 euros monthly for therapies and drugs. It's not a huge amount, but for this family that doesn't earn that much money it is. Given the little girl's condition, Violeta Wolf must always stay at home with her, so the father, Cristian Lup, is the only breadwinner.

No one would want to be in such a situation! But such life stories that far beat TV dramas exist, and pain and helplessness can decrease through the help of those around them. Together we can lift a little weight of this family's suffering. It's the least we can do through a donation, because Trisomy 13 leaves no room for more hope, at least at this point...

Dear friends, in these poor and sick children is the face of Christ, the crucified and to whom we will celebrate birth not long after. Let us give for Adelina, let us be the hands that caress the souls of these people hard-hit by life!


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