Medical equipment for pediatric hospitals
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Medical equipment for pediatric hospitals

City Hospital of Harlau
There are gifted people whose deeds are truly good. There are those people in whose heart love for their fellow man burns and it is precisely because of this that they are not content just to put their hand in their pocket, giving a greater or lesser amount to the one in need. Their good deed goes beyond the paper of the banknote offered, seeking to help their neighbor not just passenger, occasionally. They're looking into whether there's a much greater need behind the situation. Life demonstrates that behind such visible needs there are other needs much greater and deeper.
A dusty, old city (being innobilated by history) in Modova, Harlau City, at Harlau Hospital, in a consulting office for "babies", where generations of pediatricians have written history. After 4 days Mr. Pacinta from the "Save a Heart" Organization and my priest Gaina, appeared loaded with muuuulte boxes. I started unpacking as a child who received gifts from Mos Craciu and appeared - blood gas analyzer ZIMEN, a device to spread the veins to infants with infrared (American) ,a spirometer, German all in tipla. As a bonus an oxygen concentrator and glucotest instant apparatus for INR evaluation.
Today we received the rest of the promises a few jewels : a portable EKG and a device for monitoring vital functions online (both new and Made in Japan).
Perhaps in front of you is a discouraged, disillusioned or marginalized soul who needs not only some money in his pocket, but the feeling that he is not alone on earth, that there are people who care about him. A true benefactor knows how to say not only "yes"; he'll know how to say "no" when he needs to. Mr. Pie saved through the association he leads, dozens of souls of children who today would no longer be with us, but above all brought happiness and joy to the family in which they live. Let us live DOMNULE. Dear ness and health from the Harlau Pediatric Section. Dr. Colta.

Louis Turcanu Timisoara Children's Hospital

It has benefited from 4 medical devices for children with spinal amitrophy: Triology Fan 100, Willamed Humidifier, CoughAssist Philips, ASipirator HUM secretions, Plusoximeter and Oxygen Concentrator.

Mavromati Botosani Children's Hospital

Google Switzerland donated two medical devices worth 73,000 lei through Vlad Piecinta, from the "Save a Heart" Association. AccuVein, for vein detection, and Rapid Point 500, gas analyzer.