Adelina Muller

Adelina Muller

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Adelina Muller

Active campaign 19 days

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13 Sep

Hello, beautiful people!

We are also at the Hiperbara Clinic in Târgu Mureș. For Adelina begins a new week of recovery. Because any evolution for her involves work and work again, we can't afford to take a break even for a day. In the morning we start at 8 o'clock in the recovery room, where the physical therapist works intensively with Adelina for 2 hours: Bobath, Vojta, Spider- suspended therapy. That's kind of how our days start for a week. Then, from 3 o'clock, 3 hours of hyperbarication follows.

But recovery is a long process. In order to have results it is necessary to return to Hyperbara in no more than 4 months. And we, as parents, have to do everything we can to give our little one a chance. But that "whatever" we would do for Adelina has a cost. And, unfortunately, it is a cost that exceeds our financial situation. That's why please continue to join us!

We thank the Save a Heart Association for being with us!

01 Sep

The involvement, the prayers, the efforts and the help of all of you had the most beautiful result: our little Adelina received the much needed device! You are wonderful, and our little one is the luckiest to have so many outstretched hands by her side when she needed it. Thank you all and everyone for everything 🙏

But our struggle as parents doesn't end there. Because the care and recovery of a special little child involves a daily struggle, constant efforts, work and work again. We can't afford to take a break, nor to get tired, nor to give up. Because our special child needs us to fight for him. For our miracle follows daily physical therapies, other trips to hospitals, other doctors, other consultations. First we will go to Târgu Mureș to the Hyperbaric Clinic, we are going to talk to the doctor from Orthopedics, then we have to go to Bucharest to Ophthalmology. As I said, we don't have time for breaks! That's why please continue to be with us!

31 Aug

Dear friends, we are back with news about our beloved Adelina. We just returned from Bucharest, after a week-long hospitalization in the Neurology Department at Victor Gomoiu Hospital. We were supposed to go to the check-up in June, but it was at that time that Adelina had pneumonia, which is why she was hospitalized for two weeks in Pediatrics. It was two very hard weeks because it needed daily oxygen, constant monitoring, strong antibiotics and a lot of tests. After the recovery, we set off for Bucharest where a few hard days followed again with a series of analyzes, consultations, EEG. Also now his gastrostomy has changed (now he has one with a button). I came home with not too good news. We were told that a thorough ophthalmological control is urgent to find out the degree of damage to the optic nerve, because at a routine check-up the problem of atrophy of the optic nerve was raised. So, for us, there is again a road to Bucharest, to ophthalmology. Unfortunately, the physical condition also worsens, as the spasticity and stiffness of the muscles increasingly affect the motor nerves. Tetraparesis spastic affects the entire body, therefore, deformations of the limbs begin to develop. Also, the pelvic radiography showed another problem: bilateral hip dysplasia. Therefore, physical therapy is absolutely necessary for recovery. But therapy sessions are expensive. In addition to the costs necessary for physical recovery, the costs for medications, vitamins, special milk formulas, syringes and extensions for gastrostoma, probes for aspiration, trips for consultations and investigations are added.

Campaign started on: 15.06.2021


First name: Muller

Age: 1 year

Amount required: 7140 euro

Diagnosis:: Spastic tetraparesis, epilepsy


Adeline's story

Every day we live it in fear. Any time he can do a cardio-respiratory arrest. The fear of losing your child is simply devastating... I can't and I don't want to imagine what tomorrow would look like without my little one.

There is no greater loss in the world than of a mother whose child dies... This is how Grandma taught us long ago, thinking of her seriously ill son, whose life hung by a thread every day. She had passed well in her 70s, he was just over 50. What if for her such pain was unimaginable, let alone for a young mother, who barely holds her baby in her arms?

Anca Muller is 30 years old and expected Adelina, the much-desired and expected little girl to complete her beautiful family. She imagined how she would grow up, play with her 5-year-old brother, and make her father Andreas proud when she was a young lady. It's just that the reality was brutal. Adelina was born by an emergency caesarean section due to her life-threatening umbilical cord. For almost an hour, the baby was reanimated, and then the seizures began. From that moment on, the joy of the parents faded and began the endless and obstacle-filled struggle to save their child.

Arriving in a grade IV coma, the little girl was left with severe brain damage, spastic tetraparesis and epilepsy. Moreover, due to serious health problems that have arisen since birth, the baby feeds through a gastrostoma and barely breathes.

I learned how to put the probe on it, how to suck it up, what it means and how epileptic seizures manifest, and how to give it treatment. At the same time, I was told that a common cold for her could be fatal. It was very hard to accept these seriousproblems, says Anca Muller.

Even harder is when your child's life depends on a device, and you can't afford to provide it. Adelina needs a secretion suction device called "Cough Assist", which costs 7.140 euros. Without it, the little girl is always at risk of suffocation. Therefore, the parents have urged us not to remain indifferent to the child's suffering and to help them with this amount to ease the ordeal they are going through from the moment she opened her eyes into this world.
If for the rest of us, breathing is such a natural thing, for Adelina it is an effort, a problem, a constant struggle. Together, through our donations, we can help this fate-ridden little girl breathe easily. It's the least we can do for her, if there's nothing more we can do.

Any amount transferred to the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association means a breath of air – literally – for an innocent child with a destiny that is hard to endure. Adelina wants to breathe out of our kindness!


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