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09 Nov

For better maintenance of the buildings we also purchased the outer stone. At The Nicholas House there are currently 30 people who unfortunately their stories are similar. Street people,people left through no one's hospitals and sick. Benefit for free daily from accommodation, food, food but especially from love from all of us.

Here they find their peace but also their dignity to be people of integrity.

Beautiful day!

17 Sep


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13 Aug

"Eat the poor and will be filled and will praise the Lord, and those who seek him, alive will be their hearts in the age of the age." this is one of the mass prayers that seems to describe with the utmost accuracy what happens daily beyond images in a house that has become home for those who have fully experienced what it means to be," alone in the world."

🙏What can you see here? Well, first of all, here you will discover the tranquility, a tranquility that nourishes you, that charges you; you will discover the warm smiles of people grateful for a slice of bread, for two gentle words ... if at home you dine in front of the TV or debating political topics and not only, here you will see a group of people seated on chairs waiting to enjoy the food sometime they were taking care of, their eyes light up when something is placed on the table but like good children, they wait for each one to be served so they can start eating, which they do quietly possibly accompanying calm discussions about the puppies that have become good friends for them, the rain from last night or the like!

🙏Home is the place where at the entrance to the door you actually step into another world, a world where you can be fixed as you want without being judged, a world where any mistake is forgiven, a world where you can talk freely about what you feel or think... home is the place where no one and nothing can hurt you, home is LOVE!

🙏Time, life, their own mistakes or those around us have been ruthless with these people reaching ages when many make donuts and tell stories to grandchildren... they have no one to tell stories or who you keep on your knees, but they are always open to telling us all about life or things long gone, stories that only grandparents know how to tell!

🙏When you come to Casa Nicolae you can be sure that you do it not only for those here but also for you, I assure you that you will leave much more grateful for all that God gives you!

23 Jun

Today I want to tell you another story equally impressive for us , perhaps also for you after reading .

Mr. V. Bojescu- well Mr. Bojescu came to us last winter at the age of... 1 year.... YES , you read that right , Mr. Viorel is 1 year old , as he tells us. One day he is 1 year old, on another day he is 2 years old but never more than 27 years old. Mr. Viorel is a great man .... a child's mind trapped in an adult body. He "lived" for 20 years in Bucharest's Gară de Nord, exactly what happened to him we will never know... the fact is that he was beaten.... so terrible and so loud that his brain has reached the stage where a baby is seen! It's shocking right? .... at this age he came to us , disoriented, scared, everything he was doing were laps around the bed ..... you can imagine how many laps he did around the bed that he blunted in the first week a pair of slippers !!!! ..... he was agitated and everything he wanted was "home" .... at home in the North Railway Station or at the hospital with the rescue - these were two places that he perceived as "home" ... all day he was holding after us and asking us to call "rescue" to take him home to the hospital.... I told him that we would call, to be patient that he would come. Once came... "rescue" but not for him but for another old man, he sneaked inside while the crew was in the house with the other sick man.

Mr. Bojescu won everyone's hearts despite the state he was in, he has the innocence of a child, you just can't get mad at him with anything. It's like a good kid. Over time his condition visibly improved .... life at Casa Nicolae , people here ,environment .... Nature... all that is around have changed it.... tours around the bed are a thing of the past, forgotten re North Station and the hospital, no longer lurks" Salvation" to pleva "home" .... because now here is his home ! It's an incredible change for us but also very important and major for him.

Our colleague Ionuț was greeted this week by Bojescu - the fact that he opened the gate, the gesture itself is phenomenal.... it's an amazing evolution!

That's what makes peace and love.... here it is at The Nicholas House ❤🏡❤

14 Jun

Hello everyone.

Work on The Nicholas House is progressing. Two other rooms on the top level are almost ready. Why do I say almost?!. Because we need you. Yes, even by you. Because Nicholas House works thanks to people like you, we also need volunteers to clean up. It's not very complicated. New windows, new flooring new walls, we still need new people to make things look even newer.

In these rooms there is a need to wash the windows, doors and floor. If you want to be a volunteer for a day, I take you from home, we go together to The Nicolae House, beautifully positioned in the town of Frumușica, we work together, we drink the coffee, we know the people here and we gladly return home.

So I'm waiting for your phone and I'm taking care of the rest. 0757.721.203

If you didn't know about The Nicholas House, it's a place called HOME for those who don't have it for a long time. If you get here you will know more.

Be Happy...

24 Jan

The most beautiful moment of the day that unites the whole family is the evening meal where we unite around the table being also a good opportunity to communicate what happened that day and make plans for the day ahead.
But for the old people from Casa Nicolae, dinner is a good opportunity to overcome beautiful memories, but some of them unfortunately are also sad memories with sleepless nights under the open sky, with humiliations received from people who do not know their life stories, with cold and countless times they were hungry for a few hours.
I invite you to stay with Christ at dinner being so simple by accessing a link:
With only 150 lei (31 euros) joys the 16 people from Casa Nicolae.
Please nice if you don't have the opportunity to donate, please and I know you definitely have the availability to share the link above further.

20 Jan

Good evening
Have you ever thought that you can enjoy 16 people, at breakfast, with only 90 lei? Know that thanks to you, 16 people abandoned by children and relatives benefit from breakfast!
We stayed with Cristian Ivan and Ionut Aionitoaie, for hours, to come to your support with a unique system in Romania to reserve a hot meal for the elderly at Casa Nicolae.
Today an old man cried with joy after I told him that such beautiful people are by their side, day by day they think about them and most importantly, they do not feel alone.
I leave here the link to the breakfast page for the old woman:
Please nice if you can't donate, please and I know you certainly have the availability to share the link above further.

15 Jan

Good evening

I dare to start a few lines with this quote: "Great are you Lord, and wonderful are your things, and not a word is enough to praise your miracles!""

Last night I posted about how easily we can offer a warm meal to the elderly at Casa Nicolae using technology and having an open heart to those who unfortunately have less than many of us. And on my call you did not remain indifferent and today the calendar for the month of January is complete for lunch and also covered a few days of February. The joy is indescribable in words and I wish that these people would not lack anything and that I would have the power to understand them, to endure them and to love them unselfishly.

You can make orders in advance for February and March by accessing the link: and if you do not manage with the steps to follow there I leave you the phone number of my colleague Cristi Ivan: 0756.314.281

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

15 Jan

The other day we got in touch with The Architect Adrian Paun to offer us the best solution to "dress" the Nicolae House being the Settlement for the street elders. We want in 2-3 years if the funds allow us to make a house of note 10.

15 Jan

These days I was sitting and thinking after talking to Cristi Ivan how to implement an online system to make it easier for us and especially for people who want to help with a hot meal for the old women from Casa Nicolae. And so the first "light bulb" was lit by implementing a calendar of appointments of the meals offered by donors. The greatest alms you can accomplish is by offering a hot meal to a poor man.

You can also order very easily by accessing the link:

Through this system we save: time, money and especially being perishable products will not be wasted and discarded due to the large volume of orders made on the same day. So far, 10 orders have been made according to the displayed calendar.

Thank you for all the support of the IT team behind this project.

10 Jan

I never imagined a person living for 10 years in a disarmed car. There was also his living room, bedroom, kitchen and food storehouse that often received them at the mercy of those who noticed him. The patient's health condition is a poor one with semi-rapesis on the left side, with speech disorders. As of today he is the new member of the Nicole House in the village of Rădeni Commune Frumuşica, Botoşani County. It is the XIIIth member who will benefit from 3 meals a day, warmth, hygiene and especially the love of all of us.

From today we have started the works on the 1st floor and we expect if it will keep our pocket and if you contribute we will complete the arrangement works within 20 working days in order to be able to receive new members in the extended family of the Holy Hierarch Joseph the Merciful Metropolitan of Moldova.

07 Jan

In the bosom of the Nicolae House family, a new member stopped during the day of 06.01.2022. Unfortunately, if this Settlement was not established, the gentleman in the picture was doomed to a living to stand on the street. Unfortunately, he is both sickly and elderly and does not resist the cold and the conditions in the street to live too long. Starting Monday, the works for the arrangement of the 1st floor will start, given that we no longer have seats on the ground floor. So far we have 12 tenants and beneficiaries of 3 meals a day, warmth and a lot of love on our part of all of us.

Thank you for your support and trust.

In order to be able to complete the works of the 1st and 2nd floor and in May .c to complete the works on the outside. We need you.

06 Jan

Behind the project:Casa Nicolae there are two extraordinary people: Cristi and Ionela Ivan, who for more than 12 years have been providing people with a hot meal a day, especially in the cold season. Today, after more than an hour of discussions, he told me an episode that personally moved me to the depths of my soul:"After a day of work I went in the evening to share food with the street people and at a moment of fatigue and broken by hunger I sat next to an old man and I ate a casserole of warm soup. To this day I have not eaten such a good soup because I made myself one with the one in the street and I understood his pain but at the same time the joy of eating a warm soup after a day spent in the cold and hungry."

You can't understand a man what he's going through if at least on an imaginary level you don't put yourself in his shoes.

06 Jan

Today arrived at casa Nicolae Mr. B.V. 71 years old from Botoşani County. The state of health of Mr. it's not a very good one. Discharged from the hospital this morning, the only accommodation solution for him was Casa Nicolae. What I have learned so far is that until the time of hospitalization he was working at a neighbor in his native village. Since his health is very poor , communicating with him is a bit more difficult.

Thus, Mr. B.V occupied the last bed available on the ground floor of Casa Nicolae. Meanwhile work is being done on the 1st and 2nd floor . We need all the help to be able to complete the works!

04 Dec

And the crowds asked him, saying, What shall we do, then?

Answering, John said to them:

" He who has two garments to share with him that hath none; and he who has food to do the same."

At Casa Nicolae there is a need for:

1: socks, t-shoes, underwear, indoor clothes, pajamas, slippers

2: hygiene items - shampoo, shower gel, deodorants, detergents, disinfectants

The ground floor will accommodate 10 people!

Unisex clothes, sizes between 38 - 44

03 Dec

Have you ever slept in the cold at -8°C? Or if it has never happened to you let's do an exercise of imagination like sleeping in the cold, without food there was any caress from family or a friend.

Today from the discussions he had with Cristian Cezar Tudose Ivan will stop the first 3 old women in Casa Nicolae. They will be at home today received with love and a lot of warmth.

We need the following: curtains on the windows, mattresses for beds (5 pcs) for starters, chandeliers for lighting, firewood, duvets (12 pcs).

We have received 2 new washing machines these days, refrigerator, sofas and some of the furniture will come to the partier.

I wholeheartedly thank Mr. Colescu Claudiu for the beds and for the support.

For more details I will leave the number of Cristian Cezar Tudose: +40756314281

Thank you for your trust!

Glory to God for all!

02 Dec

I have to tell you - miracles must be shared

In the morning we were notified that tomorrow we must receive the first 3 elderly people at Casa Nicolae - if we do not receive them they will get to the street - although it is not fully completed ,not even the ground floor of the building.

So we have guests- first thought, we don't have mattresses, we don't have linens and fridge - 3 mattresses are already on the courier on the way to us, this afternoon we got 8 brand new linens..... In the evening the phone rang- a company transfers us money for a refrigerator !!!

Glory to God!

18 Nov

We would help your donation or at least a SHARE!

When I received the proposal to get involved in the "Casa Nicolae" project and I was presented with what my friends from the H.A.P.P.Y Association from Botoșani want to do, I had no thought to refuse and not to get involved as little as possible.

Today I received the images below and they gave me the tears of joy, that a handful of hearty people: the H.AP Association. P.Y (Cristian and Ionela Ivan), Iulian Ștefănache (Tamistef), Gheorghe Ciubotaru (Eletroalfa), Ionuț Arnautu with his team of volunteers, Bogdan Carausu with the team of volunteers (Scut Botosanean) Priest Petru Chirvase, mayor of Frumuşica Commune Constantin Corneliu Bălășanu and many others who I unfortunately do not know and have joined forces a bit to bring an ounce of joy to the elderly who unfortunately are forced to live in the street. I am sure that dozens, hundreds of people will join this project in the near future. I am sure that the Good God will ordain in such a way that the elders of "Casa Nicolae" will not miss anything.

We still have a little work to do before we get them HOME.

10 Nov

If you are wondering how the works are at Casa Nicolae but also if we manage to do what we set out to do by the end of the week, here is the answer: the ground floor of the building is ready in a proportion of about 80%. Therefore the tile in the kitchen is ready, and the surface for the bottom tiles is also prepared, which will be glued tomorrow. At the same time to the walls there is less to grind then weed and weed and applied washable lime. After these stages, the most pleasant job follows... installation of parquet. It is the most pleasant because it is the last stage of the works.

Of course with a little effort all this can be finished this week. Tomorrow I can talk to you more about the electrical and sanitary part, but also how the building will be heated.

There are practical ways to observe the progress of work.

For example, we invite you to visit the location, and if you come from the city, workers like coffee. In addition you can learn the whole true story of this project.

Another method would be to offer practical help, in this way you will not only see the progress but you will feel it to the fullest.

15 Oct

Today we have completed a new week of work at Casa Nicolae.

The number one priority being the electrical installation, but work is still underway to arrange the interior and exterior of the building.

Over 1500ml of conductor, about 100 doses (equipment + bypass) 4 safety panels (about 60 automatic fuses) , this is how the first list of necessary to start to restore the entire electrical installation showed.

After two weeks of work we managed to finish, on each floor, everything related to the electrical part: sockets (depending on the utility of the room), switches and lighting.

The connection to the electrical network is also a priority and the materials needed to restore the installation are very expensive.

The building being quite old, the connection to electricity required to comply with the new European norms and to be made in accordance with the technical standards of the electricity distribution companies.

For this stage of the works, the support came this time from Electroalfa Company, a successful local business, built by visionary people who managed to innovate complex industrial products, with the help of which the company would evolve.

The outdoor lighting ignition point and the distribution niche needed to continue the works were donated and made by Electroalfa Company, a manufacturer with extensive experience in the production of low voltage equipment having in its portfolio a full range of products.


However, things do not end here , we still have a lot of work to do before we connect to the power grid and we still need your help.

With God in everything, without Him and the people He has brought out in our way we would not have gotten that far!

11 Oct

Given that the cold weather is approaching ,we are trying to finish the sanitary installation as well , purchasing even today a wood-fired boiler necessary for heating the entire building.

🛑Being already the costs for the installation quite high, about 35 radiators, a few hundred meters of pipe, bends, clamps, taps, etc. (about 5000 euros) we decided that this boiler to purchase it a second one at a sum of 5500 Ron.

🛑The support of all those who want a change in the community is still needed.

🚨🚨🚨 Together we can finish this project.🚨🚨🚨

Every donation counts!

Dreams have no limit because we are not alone.

With God in everything, without Him and the people He has brought out in our way we would not have gotten that far!

07 Oct

Due to the major differences in level the rooms of the building need to be leveled.

This week we managed to move forward with the work but it is a very large amount of work.

The existing teams, painter, electrician, plumber do their best to advance with the works, in order to be able at the beginning of winter to receive our first "tenants": sick, abandoned, lonely, poor and homeless old people.

Your help is still needed, any donation counts

Only at this stage (250 square meters) the costs are about 1500-2000 euros.


02 Oct

Today we relax a bit - we mount radiators

Let's give us a helping hand because there are no better exercises for the heart than to get downstairs and pick up people

At the end of life what really matters is not what I bought but what I built, nor what I got but what I share - Live a life that matters !

Our project is great - Nicolae House 🏡 our pockets are small but our hearts are full of gratitude, hope and trust! Good things have a happy ending !

With God in everything, without Him and the people He has brought out in our way we would not have gotten that far!

27 Sep

I started in full force a new week of work at the old people's settlement Casa Nicolae . At the weekend our friend Bogdan Popa from traian group of companies™ worked on the design and execution of an annex of the house where the power plant will be installed. Today I started mounting them .

Next, work is being done on the electrical and thermal installation!

With the help of the Good God we will be able to accommodate the first beneficiaries until December!

22 Sep

Today with the help of the Good God we have completed the cladding of the Nicolae House with 10 cm polystyrene, then follows the pulling of the net and decorative on the outside.

In March we started the demolitions , 6 months later the situation is as follows:

On the inside side, work was done on the walls, plasterboard were clad and material was drawn, now we are at the electrical and thermal side, and from the beginning of August the workers started the façade for it to be completed until the cold came. The priority now being the outside of the house!

Thank you from the heart!



in partnership


Your association "Savea heart"


Casa Nicolae is a story that began 7 years ago in the winter of 2014 through October in the office of an insurance company of a friend. That's when we mobilized all acquaintances to make a warm soup at home and share it on the street with homeless people. That moment was our first contact with the street world--a gray, cold world full of fear and fear, a crazy, chaotic world, a violent world full of vices and addictions, a world where you have to take to survive. A world where you can't close both eyes at night because you never know what's going to happen from one hour to the next. You can be robbed, assaulted, beaten or you can receive a kind word from a stranger, a loaf of bread or on one of those lucky days, a warm soup that seems to warm your soul and give you hope. From that winter we decided to return to the streets.  I saw, I understand, maybe not fully then , as much as they need help. A blanket, a tea, a thick coat and a pack of warm food can make the difference between life and death on a frosty winter night . So for 7 years our story continued in the street- with hot soups socks , thick jackets, scarves and gloves . Everything to survive in winter. We made friends, we found stories, we helped , we integrated where possible, we had a greased cases people were saved from the street , we found jobs, housing, we received in our little Happy house to get on their feet. We have had joys and victories just as we have had failures and disappointments.  From all this we have learned and learn every day. I learned that in terms of the elders, integration is harder and the end is closer. Sick, powerless and tired of the years they carry behind them for themselves independent living is no longer possible.  We lost many "parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents " on the street. They were beaten, bullied, mocked, starved.... the end of some was grim, tragic, violent, as was their survival struggle night after night on the street. We decided to change this- Casa Nicolae is the salvation of parents and grandparents of the street! We are not here to judge and condemn anyone ,we are to help , to understand and to protect.
Casa Nicolae is intended to be a shelter and "home" for the elderly, the disabled, the lonely people on the street.  Here we will accommodate about 60 people on the 3 levels of the house located at the exit of the village Frumusica, jud. Botosani , in the village of Rădeni. It is a fairytale place, surrounded by plains, greenery, an orchard of apple trees and cherries.  A place where they will find peace and quiet, a place where violence and fear will disappear, a place where they will be able to sleep with both eyes closed without the care of tomorrow - Casa Nicolae .
For all this to be possible we need help for the renovation and arrangement of the Nicolae House.
With your help their story can have a happy ending!

Donations can be made:

Entity name: Association "SAVE A HEART"
Tax registration code: 31015982

Bank account (IBAN):

RON Account: RO05BTRL00701205W82870XXX

Euro Account: RO28BTRLEURCRT00W8287001




REVOLUT: 0752.753.540

Banca Transilvania Botosani

Please specify: CASA NICOLAE