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Elena Nicolae

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31 Mar

Good morning yesterday around 2:30 larisa came out of surgery, I didn't write to you because I stayed with her in therapy until this morning. The operation went very well to come a doctor for physiotherapy to help her mobilize. God has listened to all of you who are with us and pray for her because Larisa has unprecedented strength and courage anyway. Larisa thanks you and hugs you with love

30 Mar

The big day has come, "that's what Larisa called her our brave and strong little girl -- as small as she is so brave and powerful that she gives us, those who know her already know. Yesterday ne.am admitted and was visited by several specialist doctors, including the doctor who will operate on her, looking forward to "asking him a few questions "if he could ride a bike, with a scooter ,jump in the trampoline. The surgery will take a few hours (for us forever)but I know that God is with her, with us and everything will be 🙏 🙏 🙏 fine. After surgery and after waking up he'll stay a night in therapy until tomorrow morning. That's all I can tell you right now and of course I don't have.words to thank God.

Vlad Placinta

and all the people with souls who ne.au jumped to the rescue🙏🙏🙏

15 Mar

A new day of analysis, investigation. Last week I did the blood work, today I did a chest X-ray and a check-up and cardiac ultrasound. In the coming days we are going to do MRI and CT, and if it's all right, on March 30th the surgery. Thank you to all who are with us and who _ne have helped us! Thank you infinitely!

13 Mar

We collected the necessary amount for investigations and surgery. We'll keep you updated on the appointment date.

Thank you from the heart!

16 Feb

In just 24 hours, 5870 euros were donated.

Elena needs urgent surgery so she risks losing her life!

Campaign started on: 05.02.2021


First name: Elena Larisa

Age: 6 years

Amount required: 14000 euro

Diagnosis:: scoliosis

Treatment will be performed at Monza Hospital -Bucharest

The story of Larise

When I first read the name Prader Willi, I didn't think of anything negative, but I even came to mind a little kid who was playing with his friends. It was, of course, a deeply wrong impression, because we are talking about a syndrome with strong adverse effects on the little ones who are born with it.

Genetic anomaly causes muscle weakness, small stature, mental impairments, incomplete sexual development and disorders in weight control and behavior.

With such a problem was born Elena Larisa Nicolae, a beautiful little girl fire, intelligent and full of energy. Behind her green eyes that conquer you at first glance, you wouldn't think there are any hardships that a child must be a stranger to.

She was only two-and-a-half years old when she had surgery twice for some hip sprains, and two years later her parents found out what the little girl's physical problems were.

Prader Willi syndrome also causes Larise a scoliosis that has advanced very rapidly in the last half year. The curvature of the column has reached 86 degrees! If it is not operated on urgently, and reaches 100 degrees, the child's spine will never be able to be straightened again. It is no longer necessary to say what this will mean, how much pain, how many limitations, how much shame and bitterness she will have to endure because of the condition.

The cost of the surgery is 14,000 euros, well above what The parents of Larise can raise, who are already spending all their money on the recovery sessions, much needed by the little girl. Seeing themselves cornered by both the aggressiveness of Larise's illness and the lack of financial resources, the child's mother and father wrote to us asking us to help them save her from a future full of pain.

14,000 euros can be an unsurpassed obstacle for a modest family, especially when you have to act quickly, but not for a group of friends who have always jumped to the aid of those in need. Any donation from each of us can raise the amount that will cover the cost of the operation on which The life of Larise depends. Together we have proven that we can, we will certainly be able to help this little girl as well. Donate for Elena Larisa Nicolae!

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Please specify for bank transfer the name of the child -NICOLAE ELENA