Eduard Radu

Eduard Radu

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Eduard Radu

Active campaign 19 days

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26 Sep

My dear,3months are fulfilled since Edward's arrival in Barcelona . Medical visits with the best specialist doctors, wonderful and human people before they were doctors, to whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts for all the interest they have given. A small intervention ,who decided that Eduard needed and many hours of recovery is all that was done during this time ,where we are already nearing the end . Eduard makes very big progressé ,missing very little to leave alone on his feet without help ,soon will return home to him ,in Romania going. 🙏 Thank you very much for your help,support,sprinin . Without you wonderful people we would not have succeeded, but it was worth it, satisfaction is too high. I bow to all those who fought alongside Edward to go again!❤️❤️❤️

06 Sep

Hi dear dear,August as I said was a month in which I could not do anything because of the holidays. Finally we begin to have new news and to come back again with news, in the case of Eduard.Vineri was to make the sample of prostheses, which after surgery will help him to go again, we hope to have them as soon as possible and begin recovery sessions. Another good news and full of hope that we received, is about the genetic test, which once arrived was done and now we are asked to repeat it in more detail, sign that there is something that does not coincide with the result of the genetic test made in Romania.De as soon as we have more information we will announce, thank you for joining us and thanks to you wonderful people Eduard received the chance to a new life!

22 Jul

Today Eduard will be operated to right our good thoughts and after possibilities to help him with a donation.

09 Jul

Radu went to Spain to the "Sant Joan de Déu" Hospital in Barcelona for investigations. We look forward to a favourable response regarding his situation. The "Save a Heart" Association with the support of those who donated contributed 20912 euros.


22 Jun

3000 euros separate Radu to go to Spain.
Your donation is Radu's chance not to remain immobilized in a wheelchair.

Campaign started on: 17.04.2021

Name: Radu

First name: Eduard

Age: 14

Amount required: 21000 euro

Diagnosis: Muscular dystrophy

Clinic where he will perform the treatment: Spital "Sant Joan de Déu" in Barcelona

Eduard's story

An 11-year-old is at risk of spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair because of a terrible condition. More than two years ago, after countless tests and genetic tests, Eduard Radu was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. We are talking about an 11-year-old boy who should have a childhood and a future full of growth opportunities, but his situation may be contrary to our expectations.

The disease attacks his muscles and does so quickly, as if he were in a hurry to take away his independence to walk on his own feet, to manage on his own in life. Edward urgently needs help to fight the cruel disease! His medical records were accepted at the "Sant Joan de Déu" Hospital in Barcelona, where he can benefit from a set of advanced recovery procedures so that he does not end up immobilized in bed.

Unfortunately, the costs are far too high for the family's possibilities. Casian and Vasilica Radu cannot afford to pay almost €21,000 for their son, as she is a personal assistant and he works as a driver. Therefore, they wrote to us and asked us wholeheartedly to extend their helping hand that can make a real difference in Edward's life.

Any donation made in the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association can mean less suffering for the 11-year-old boy, any amount can give him more time to enjoy his childhood, before the disease forcibly matures him and fills his soul with bitterness. For us it's about money, for him it's about life, it's about health, about a better future.

Eduard needs us. Let's join him in this heavy blow of fate!


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