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Mircea Roșian

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10 Aug

Mircea urgently needs 2100 USD for control and if he is confirmed the diagnosis he will need the amount of 35000 USD.

25 Mar

Mircea has finished all the stimulating adjustments and on Monday he will return to Romania.

19 Feb

After several investigations and expected time, Mircea was operated on by the specialist doctors at the Medical Park Clinic in Istanbul. There will be a period of recovery and then he will resume his life at a normal pace.

Thank you for your trust!

Campaign started on: 06.12.2021

Name: Mircea

First name: Roşian

Age: 24 years old

Amount required: 31000 euro

Diagnosis :: heart malformations: severe mitral insufficiency, intraatrial septal defect, left ventricular atrophy.

The operation will be performed in Turkey at the Emsey Clinic

Mircea's story

If I were to tell you an impressive life story, I would immediately think of Mircea Roșian, a 24-year-old who very much wants to become a nurse, but whom, unfortunately, his health problems prevent him.

Life is not easy for this boy at all, otherwise it has never been. Ever since he was little he went through situations that are hard to imagine. He was abandoned by his parents, and from birth he stayed at the incubator for quite a long time. Until the age of 6 he depended on the devices of a hospital in Timisoara, and after this difficult period, Mircea was received by a loving family.

It seemed that life began to be better, but unfortunately the hardships multiplied. After he turned 10, his maternal parents became ill and could no longer take care of him. This is how he ended up in a foster care center, where he remained until he reached the age of 18, at which time he was transferred to a social center for adults where he is still today.

Life simply broke his heart... For years, Mircea hopes only that one day the suffering will leave him, and his dream will come true. When I said his heart was broken, it wasn't just a metaphor. Mircea has numerous heart malformations: severe mitral insufficiency, intraatrial septal defect, left ventricular atrophy.

This year, in July, the young man was operated on, but the doctor is reserved about the success of the intervention. Because of this, he recommended that he urgently call a hospital in Turkey for a new operation.

Before arriving at the hospital, in June Mircea successfully took the Baccalaureate samples, so that he could be prepared to go further, to be able to become an assistant to help as many people as possible. He wants to offer those hard-pressed by fate - such as he is - a better, easier, more suffering-free life. All he wants is to banish the pain from the lives of the afflicted, all the more so since he knows very well how relentless life can be.

Now that the test of education has been passed well, it has remained perhaps the hardest test - that of raising the money he needs to pay for his surgery. Mircea must have 31,000 euros, an unthinkable amount for a young man alone, who has no one...

How many more can this boy carry? Where else can they have the resources to save themselves? How unfair can his situation be? The answer to these questions is useless, the only thing that really matters is that he is helped to overcome the obstacles that have been put in his way this time. For this, our donations are needed, of each of us who understands that you can not overcome alone, it is simply impossible.

Any amount transferred to the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association can balance the balance in Mircea's favor. Just with our help, this t&acircus can have a real chance at life, only through our contribution can he build a future. Maybe in the years we will meet with him in a doctor's office and he will be the one who will help us! The good never goes unfullified!


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