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Gheorghe Smădoi

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14 Jun


.... at home, after more than two months of extremely strong treatment (37 proton therapy cures and 6 chemotherapy sessions, the last of which was delayed for two weeks because the body had been very affected by its adverse effects), but which, for God's sake, my husband totally followed.

Halfway through the treatment, an MRI was performed which showed that its results are very good, and the tumor begins to shrink, with the gift of God. At its conclusion, the doctors, very optimistic about the final result, recommended an MRI only 3 months after the completion of the treatment because its beneficial effects act in the long term.

Regarding the financial aspect, although Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, with prices and costs to match, with the gift of Our Lady and the infinite love that you showed us, we had no financial difficulties, although there were countless extras (to provide a simple example, in an emergency situation, in which the husband felt very bad and required emergency travel to the nearest hospital , the cost of the ambulance, over a distance of 10 km, was 1000 euros, and the investigation that night over 1200 euros. Accommodation costs also exceeded 4000 euros).

A long recovery period follows because, during the more than 2 months of treatment, my husband has suffered a considerable weight loss (over 15 kilograms), and due to irradiation in the neck area has great difficulty in swallowing food which makes this recovery process difficult. Also, the abundance of secretions in the affected area, prevents, for the time being, the necessary daily rest and leads to a decrease in auditory acuity. We hope that these negative effects, which, according to doctors could last up to 3-4 weeks, will disappear in as short a time as possible!

We have infinite gratitude to every message we have received or spread for us, good thought, prayer spoken, all the love and financial support that you have given us and without which my husband's treatment abroad would not have been possible nor to be IMPREUNA again, at home. We don't know if we'll ever be able to thank each one, but we'll ask God every day to repay all your sacrifice!

Thank Him for everything and everything!

12 Apr

Started treatment...

After a few days of rest, in which we enjoyed the wonderful place with which God blessed us here in Switzerland (mountain area, with forested ridges and fresh air, which we so badly need), my husband started treatment with protons on April 7th. There will be 37 such meetings, except Saturdays and Sundays. A session lasts about 15-20 minutes, plus the time needed to prepare the medical equipment and establish the correct position of the patient during treatment, reaching up to 40-50 minutes. Once a week on Thursdays, he will have a chemotherapy session, the duration of which is 5 hours, in total requiring 5 sessions of this kind.

After the first sessions of treatment with protons feels very good, instead, after the first session of chemotherapy there were also adverse reactions (feeling of prolonged nausea, lack of energy, decreased appetite), kept under control, as much as possible, with the help of drugs.

Also during this period there were the consulates recommended by doctors (o.r.l, ophthalmology and endocrinology) which resulted in no medical problems, thank God! Also, blood test values are normal, except hemoglobin, which is slightly low.

In addition to the medical treatments and investigations received the week just ending, we were also able to enjoy the spiritual "treatment", with the gift of God discovering a Romanian Orthodox parish, 30 minutes away, by bus. This parish has as its protector, 42 years old today, the Holy Hierarch Calinic of Cernica, whom we ask to protect us all!

We thank you infinitely for your care, for every good thought or prayer and for being IMPREUNA, and together it is easier...!

05 Apr

A good news I received from the Goodnews...

Because God loves us, because people are really good and because it was the Swiss precision that answered the first of our cry for medical help, yesterday we were "adopted" by the country of cantons – Switzerland. The protonotherapy my husband needs will be done at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen (northern Switzerland), starting on April 7th and will last until June as we have been told so far. Today took place the first meeting with the specialist doctor, Dr. Barbara Bachtiary, an OM and extraordinary doctor, after which she recommended some new medical investigations, which I had not foreseen: ophthalmological consultation, o.r.l and endocrinology. Also today he had to do an MRI. Tomorrow is scheduled to perform some procedures necessary to start treatment with protons. In parallel, starting on March 30th, weekly, until May 20th, he will do a chemotherapy session. During this period, we will live, with rent, near the hospital (a few bus stops, which for Switzerland means 10 minutes of travel).

None of this would have been possible if you, our friends, known and unknown, had not shown us infinite kindness and made such great sacrifices for us! If two weeks ago I could hardly find the words to ask for your help, now I find it even harder to put them in order to be able to thank you knowing that they cannot express what it meant and mean your sacrifice to us! It means that IMPREUNA we could start and all IMPREUNA we can continue...

Campaign started on: 17.03.2021
First name: Gheorghe
Age: 40
Amount required: 60,000 euro
Diagnosis: Nasopharynx cancer (it is a rare form of cancer)
Treatment will be carried out in Italy
The story of the priest Gheorghe Smădoi
In January, Gheorghe Smadoi, a priest at St. John Sebastian Parish in Craiova, 40 years old and the father of two little girls, was diagnosed with stage III nasopharyngeal cancer. Specifically, a tumor located near the optic nerve that extends to the brain stem and can lead to blindness or paralysis.
Within two weeks, the end of March, Gheorghe Smadoi must start a proton therapy (protonoscopy), a new treatment that can only be performed abroad. The cost of treatment in Italy is 60,000 euros. The family has started to take steps to receive funds from the state, but the bureaucracy is taking too long and they won't be able to receive the money for a month.
Inspector of the Metropolitan of Oltenia, Gigi, as his friends call him, has two girls of 10 and 6 years respectively, whom he wants to be with for a long time and who he wants to see growing up beautifully. He was a classical guitar teacher at the "Cornetti" School of Arts and Crafts and, in turn, helped the children at St. Mina, holding charity concerts. He flirted with folk music, and even won the special prize "Tatiana Stepa" at the Good Om Folk Festival in 2009. Friends in the field, Victor Socaciu and many others, are by his side and trying to help him.
Nasopharynx cancer is a rare cancer
The young priest underwent chemotherapy at the Oncological Institute in Bucharest, but for the tumor to shrink and stop growing, he must be treated in Italy. Nasopharynx cancer is a rare cancer that differs from other types of head and neck cancers through epidemiology, clinical manifestations and treatment methods.
Gheorghe Smadoi has not lost faith in those around him and is optimistic that things will go the right way. He says the pain started last November, prompting him to call a specialist.
"It was a little shock to me. At first I kept it to myself, I didn't tell the family until I was sure of the diagnosis. Beyond the shock of the disease, I am optimistic and glad when I see the compassion of the people around me. God help you. There's a saying that if the bad guy can't pull you back, send you forward. The worst and hardest thing about the disease is to have it. For me, this disease was like a reboot, the body is restarting itself. It made me think about where I went wrong in my diet, my lifestyle," says Gheorghe Smadoi.
Didi for the family, Gigi for friends and Gheorghe the priest for the parishioners needs our help to make the treatment that will help him to have a normal lifestyle, without worrying that maybe tomorrow the sight or mobility will be taken away from him.
"So far we have avoided asking for help from those around us, but time is pressing us. At the end of this month I have to go to do proton therapy abroad. With the help of friends and family we have managed to raise more than 5,000 euros so far. We are at a point where we need people, people's goodwill and compassion," Gheorghe adds.
The family is confident and hopes to be able to overcome this difficult ordeal with the help of the kindness of those around them. "We know what He has told us: what is powerless in men is possible in God. And we also know that together it can be done," is the touching message from the family of priest Gheorghe Smadoi.
Marina Andrei, third year student, Faculty of Letters, University of Craiova, specializing in Journalism
Article Source: South Gazette
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