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Cristian Tănase

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24 Jun

The next departure to the Koc University Clinic in Istanbul will be on July 18th.c and a chemotherapy session is 7500 euros!

02 Apr

The next departure to the Koc University Clinic in Istanbul will be on April 18th.c and a chemotherapy session is 7500 euros!

Campaign started on: 19.03.2021


First name: George Cristian

Age: 38

Amount required: 70850 euro

Diagnosis: Rabdomiosarcoma to the pancreas (CANCER)

Treatment will be carried out in Turkey

Cristian Tanase's story

He worked all his youth and never stopped perfecting himself in the art of hair care. Cristi Tanase is a young hair stylist who has given everything to please his clients. Now he's the one who needs to receive.

The 39-year-old man was diagnosed with rhabdosarcoma in the pancreas, in other words... Cancer.

I've seen dozens of cases on Facebook, people who need transplants, surgeries, treatments, but when it comes to someone in your family, a real friend, it's like you're going crazy. To walk away from an irritated eye and to get a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, to need over 70,000 euros to save your life, when you have no access to them at all, is... unimaginable,tells a friend.

It all started early last year, before the start of the pandemic. He was then misdiagnosed and treated for a lymphoma he did not have. The situation worsened, and after touring hospitals in the Capital, he went to Turkey where his pancreatic cancer was discovered.

You can imagine that all initial investigations and treatments have cost a lot. He borrowed from a friend for tests and chemotherapy sessions, and it was a year before all his financial resources were exhausted.

Unfortunately, we are talking about a disease that does not allow itself to be easily defeated. To return at least 85% to a normal life, doctors say that the young man needs 7 series of injections for 6 months (at a cost of about 10,000 euros/sitting).

After the shock of the disease itself, Cristi must also cope with the shock of the exorbitant amount that must be covered just in order to be able to live... He has 29,000 euros to return, borrowed for the initial treatment, plus the price of life-saving injections.

How much do you think a hair-stylist can earn? Or, better to ask you: how long do you think he could raise this money? It is understandable that he has no way of obtaining such a sum, but that every man deserves to live, to move forward, to continue his passion and life with confidence and joy.

It's a gigantic amount, but any donation, no matter how small, is important. And I'm not kidding. There were people who donated 1 euro and others who donated 2,000 euros. I thanked them just as much! Any help is extremely important!, says Cristi's friend.

If you want to save this young man's life you can do it through any donation, in the accounts of the Save a Heart Association. It's not the amount, it's solidarity. The little of each fawhat much that Cristi needs to live. Together we can beat cancer!


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