Alexandru Țucă

Alexandru Țucă

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Alexandru Țucă

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03 Jun

We're finally coming up with good news!!!

Alexandru Şucă's operation lasted about 12 hours and he is currently in the salon and will undergo an intensive recovery programme in the coming period. His health is good and from today he will be an adult who will be able to enjoy life.

We thank the sponsor BILKA STELL who contributed 12000 euros in order to carry out this intervention.

Thank you for your financial support.

01 Jun

Tomorrow is a day full of emotions both for us but especially for the Tsupa family. It will be a long day, but we hope in God's mercy that Alexander will come out of this operation safely and have a normal life from this day forward. The "Save a Heart" Association will pay the full costs of the surgery as well as the medical investigations.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!

26 May

Alexander underwent medical investigations during the course of 24.05.2021 and was subsequently given the date of the surgery.

Let us right the right thought and have it in our prayers to successfully overcome this obstacle of life.


Campaign started on: 27.04.2021

Name: Tsucu

First name: Alexandu

Age: 16

Amount required: 23000 euro

Diagnosis: scoliosis

Clinic where he will perform the operation and treatment: Monza Hospital Bucharest

Alexander's story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of a 16-year-old from Botoşani, X-rays are more telling than we could describe the health problems that overshadow the joy of his youth.

Alexandru Tscă suffers from scoliosis, a disease that alters the spine line, changes the posture of the person and causes pain and physical limitations. As early as four years ago, the teenager has been experiencing this situation, which has worsened strongly over time.

The father went with him to several clinics, but unfortunately, some treatments were not effective, maybe even wrong. Although she wore a corset and underwent other treatments, the situation worsened. Today, Alex's spine is tilted 98 degrees!

Only a costly operation can give the boy a normal life. The surgery can be done at Monza Hospital in Bucharest, but it costs 23,000 euros, money that Alex's father cannot raise in time.

The man makes a desperate appeal to all the people with a big heart and tears in their eyes asking everyone to help his boy, as they both have reached the end of their powers.

If she's wearing a corset and a blouse, the malformation doesn't look so strong. But you can see on the X-ray how it is. If it does not intervene surgically, then my boy will not be able to have a normal adult life. Doctors are optimistic and say the operation will be successful, but the costs are enormous for us, confessed Tuca Alin

Alexandru Tscă has no support other than his father, who although he works hard and does everything he can to give him the chance of a normal life, he has no way of getting the money needed for the operation. That is why they asked for our support and gave us the opportunity to show our solidarity. Together, now, on the eve of the resurrection, we can make the most beautiful Easter gift – to offer through our donations a real chance at health, for normality for a young man overwhelmed by illness. Any amount transferred to the Accounts of the Save a Heart Association can mean a new beginning for Alex!

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