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Anna Untură

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Anna Untură

Active campaign 19 days

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22 Sep

Anna Lard started chemotherapy sessions. After a long break in recovery, the little and frail body of the little girl began a new fight this time with chemotherapy.

Thank you for all your support so far!

30 Jul

Anna feels very weak and not very well, she sleeps a lot, eats very rarely and gets tired very quickly. They were supposed to have chemotherapy, but they let her recover a little after the surgical intervention on her brain.. Chemotherapy sessions have been rescheduled for the end of August.

14 Jun

Anna today will be subjected to the hardest examination of her life. Surgery will take place to remove tumors from the optic nerve, the operation will take about 8 hours. Please support her financially through a donation or a prayer.


09 Jun

Following the meeting organized by the board of doctors it was decided that Anna would first undergo chemotherapy treatment and then surgery to remove the tumor from the optic nerve. Unfortunately there will be additional costs.

05 Jun

Anna arrived safely in Turkey and underwent medical investigations by medical specialists. After receiving the results, the decision will be taken by the specialist doctors to follow. It is possible to receive chemotherapy first and then the operation to remove the tumor from the optic nerve will follow.

Please be there for him with a small donation so we can continue treatment.


01 Jun

Finally came the big day for the operation!!! On Thursday, the departure to Istanbul takes place and we hope that little Anna will return home safely and enjoy her childhood. The "Save a Heart" association paid today the sum of 12,000 euros representing the advance for the surgery it will perform to remove the tumor from the optic nerve. We still need URGENT for 6000 euros.


Campaign started on: 18.05.2021


First name: Anna

Age: 11

Amount required: 18000 euro

Diagnosis:: Tumor on the optic nerve

The operation will perform in Turkey at Medical Park


The story of little Anna

An 11-year-old girl needs urgent medical help, and her parents can't help her because of reduced financial possibilities.

Anna Lard gradually loses her sight due to a tumor that grows onthe optic nerve and also disrupts her endocrine system.

The first symptoms came to the child when she was 7 years old. A strong tremor of the hands, then the weaker and weaker vision alerted the parents, and following an operation, the tumor was partially removed. Unfortunately, after only a year, she started to grow back, and the girl developed hydrocephalus.

Anisoara's health worsens by the day, and in the absence of an urgent operation risks going blind and, worse, developing cancer.

A private clinic in Turkey has agreed to perform a microsurgical procedure but the costs are too high for this family with 8 children. It's 18,000 euros

We are not in the best financial condition, that's why we need support from anyone with any amount of money to help Anisoara, the mother and father of the little girl wrote tous.

They say there's nothing more precious to a man on this Earth than health, especially sight. None of us would want to go through what Anisoara is going through, but if we were put in a situation like this, wouldn't we want to be helped? Wouldn't we wish we weren't alone in this terrible ordeal? We would certainly appreciate any financial support that would give us hope that we would be able to move beyond the moment.

And Anna and her family hope that through the donations of people with souls, the situation will change for the better, the girl will be operated and she will be able to hope for a normal life.

It is in our power, of all those who understand the suffering of this little girl, to change things for the better. Any donation made in the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association can mean an innocent soul saved from suffering. Help Anna too!


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Please specify for bank transfer the name of the child -UNTURA