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Andrei Valentin

Active campaign 30 days

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Our fight continues!

Campaign started on 21.06.2022

Name: Andrew

First name: Valentin

Age: 32 years

Required amount: €15,000

Diagnosis: flaccid paraplegia

The treatment will be performed at the Neuromotor Recovery Clinic and the Hyperbaric Clinic in Livezeni, Târgu Mureș



Valentin's story


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? But over 10? Can we really ask ourselves such questions in a life that can mess up all your plans in a second? We would be naïve to live on the basis of a detailed unfolding, as if our years were some news mounted to the second for a television diary... And yet many of us live like this until divinity shows us that there is another Plan, different from ours.

Like any young family man and worker, with a wife and a child at home, Valentin Andrei also had big plans for the future. It didn't take more than a few seconds for them all to be shattered.

After I got back from work, I wanted to clean the roof of the gathered leaves. While I was up on the house, I got sick, I fell and fractured my spine in two places. In addition, I broke 12 ribs and had a concussion, the 32-year-old says. remembering the most terrible day of his life, May 24, 2021.

Immediately after the terrible accident, Valentin was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. There he was operated on and received a terrible diagnosis - flaccid paraplegia.

From that moment on, my life became an ordeal. From a cheerful, lively person, who worked from an early age to help his family and raise his 5-year-old boy, I became an addicted person, nailed to a wheelchair, a man who can no longer work and who is forced to enlist the help of those around him for small things, he also says the despondent young man by the unexpected turn his life has taken.

Today, the man can barely put on his own shoes and is glad that he can feed himself and climb or get out of bed in a wheelchair without asking for help from relatives for these things as well. Only man not to be when you have a family to support and support and you hardly manage to clamber in the face of so many limitations and a bleak prospect of the disease!

In all this sad story, however, there is something good, a hope that things should not end like this for Valentine. With the help of physical therapy and other neuromotor recovery procedures, the young man can regain mobility. Yes, it is possible that Valentin will walk on his own feet again, but that's if and only if he will raise € 15,000 to pay for the treatments he has to follow in the next 3 months.

Unfortunately, the costs far exceed our financial possibilities. We ask the Good God to enlighten us and support Valentin, to put him on his feet with the help of physical therapy, which would help himto return to a normal life. We kindly ask you to join us, the man's wife and mother told us.

Any donation made in the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association can give Valentin his life before the terrible accident. The little of each of us can mean the most important thing for him - to walk again, to be able to work to support his family and to enjoy life to the fullest like any young man!


For donations:

Entity name: Association "SAVE A HEART"

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BIC code: BTRL

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Please specify in the bank transfer, at the payment details, the name Valentin Andrei!