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Sofia Loghin

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Sofia Loghin

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Campaign updates

17 Oct

Today she went to the heavenly little Sofia!

May God rest her with the Saints!

Condolences to the family!

15 Jun

SOFİA LOGHİN had gastrostomy surgery, it was a difficult operation because the chest basket has a malformation and the esophagus did not develop properly. His esophagus was enlarged 3.5 cm and was tightened by the stomach tissue and then the stomach stoma was put on where it would be fed. 3 days was fed intravenously after which from Saturday, slowly, slowly began to feed through the stoma. Depending on how the stomach will tolerate the feeding dose so it will be given. At the moment the general situation of the little girl is stable..

Today he will return home by ambulance following a recovery period.

24 May

Today he had an MRI on his whole body. It has been found that it can not swallow and in order to be able to feed and develop better the little girl is indicated to do an operation of Gastrostomy and Nisenfu duplikasyon. At Gastrostomy, a device is placed called gastrostoma and helps the little girl to be fed directly through the stomach. At the operation of Nisenfu duplikasyon is performed an intervention to reflu, when it feeds through the gastrostoma not to climb the food to the esophagus and not to enter liquid into the lungs.
Over time if the neurological will get better and start swallowing, when doctors are convinced that it will be able to feed itself, with a simple operation will remove gastrostoma If the operation now can be done as soon as possible, in a week the little girl can be discharged, in case no further complications occur.

20 May

The situation is stable, since yesterday evening he has not had any seizures and a drug was removed from the treatment, 2-3 days before they had started to decrease in the dose. Since last night she's been taken off oxygen and is breathing freely. Physical therapy exercises are still intense, the baby is much more active, moves his hands and feet, moves his head. These physiotherapy exercises will make them mother and home. She's still not swallowing on her own, and it looks like she's never going to be able to swallow it because doctors are proposing to have a gastrostomy operation to feed directly through her stomach. Tonight we will be on the board for the little girl's case and tomorrow we find out what the doctors have decided to do and what we propose to do.

10 May

Sofia arrived safely in Turkey being taken over by specialist doctors in Istanbul.Following the first medical investigations carried out at the Koc University Hospital in Istanbul were found the following: the little girl's brain has epileptic seizures in continuous form, the fact that she spent months just lying muscles are a little atofied and will start a program of physical therapy. Tomorrow he will perform AN MRI under anesthesia to establish a clear diagnosis. For epileptic seizures, he will be given a treatment to reduce them.
Thank you for your support and we will keep you up to date with the health strate and the evolution of little Sofia Loghin.

06 May

Tomorrow's the big day, Sofia will leave by ambulance to Koc University in Istanbul. Investigations will begin from Saturday and a treatment plan will be established. So far the Save a Heart Association has secured transportation expenses, advance for investigations and those needed to get to Turkey safely. The amount donated is 24,000 euros.

Please, from the heart, save Sofia!

Campaign started on: 13.04.2021

Name: Loghin

First name: Sofia

Age: 2 months

Amount required: 27000 euro (air medical transport, investigations, ATI -10 days)

Diagnosis: Grade 3 ischemic ipoxic encephalopathy

Clinic where he will perform surgery and treatment: Koc University

The story of Sofia

A family with five children is put back to the test after two years ago he was on the brink of losing one of his two little boys. The Loghins are now in a desperate situation to fight for the life of one of the three little girls.

Sofia was born on February 5 with her twin sister, Clara, but her parents' joy was short. The child came into the world without vital signs, and after being resuscitated, she was diagnosed with grade 3 ischemic ipoxic encephalopathy. In other words, her brain didn't get enough oxygen, which is why she's now in intensive care in the maternity ward and fed through the probe.

Sofia's mother and father unfortunately relive the fear, despair and helplessness they endured two years ago when Edward - one of the boys - was diagnosed with cancer.

We are talking about a couple of farmers with extremely limited possibilities, but who have to raise very large sums of money to save their daughter. 2,000 Euro investigations, €13,000 air ambulance transport and €1,200 daily for intensive care are unimaginable costs for a family with 5 children living on the minimum wage and an assistant allowance for a disabled child.

Two years ago, the people who read his story saved Edward from death through their donations, and there were few. Today, people like you can save Sofia, give her an extra chance at life!

These people have no other support, and every passing moment brings with it irreparable problems for the little girl who urgently needs recovery sessions. Together we can raise the necessary amount through any donation made in the accounts of the "Save a Heart" Association.

Together we can bring joy back to this family!


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